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FEATHERWEIGHT LITHIUM ION BATTERY LI TEL 48-160 C Optimized for unstable electrical networks Designed for Telecom back-up power high cycling applications Applications: • Unstable networks • Wireline • Wireless • Customer Premise/PBX • Broadband • Microwave Repeater • Fiber Optic Regen Sites FEATURES AND BENEFITS • 48V 160 Ah • 7.6 kWh • Optimized for Unstable Networks, float & cycling • 23" Relay Rack Tray Mountable (10 per 7 ft rack) • Reverse polarity and short circuit protected • Battery Management System with Battery String Monitoring • LED Alarm Indication • Storage 'Sleep State' to maximize shelf life • Designed for parallel and series operation • Maintenance free INDOOR/OUTDOOR INSTALLATIONS • Sealed Cabinet Systems • Rack Systems Long Life Cycle Service • Proven Lithium Ion chemistry • Maximum cycle life for deep cycle and hybrid applications • High charge acceptance for rapid recharge High Level of Safety • Multiple layers of safety features including a Battery Management System designed to operate and protect the battery autonomously

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Expected Float Life vs. Temperature Capacity Retention vs. Storage Time Storage Time (Months) Cycle Life versus Depth of Discharge (DOD) and Operating Temperatures Discharge 1C rate, Charge 1C Rate Capacity vs Temperature (oC) 0.5C Discharge to 3.0 VPC 120 Cycle Life Specifications Voltage Per Unit Nominal Capacity (Ah / kWh) Minimum operaƟng voltage Technology OperaƟng Temperature Range Normal OperaƟng Temperature Range Maximum Discharge Current Recommended Charging Limit Maximum Charging Limit Charging Voltage Cycle Life (1C chg / 1C dcg, 80% DoD) Remaining Ah Capacity at 46 VDC Cycle...

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Chassis Ground Connection Two Post NEG Terminal 200 Amp Breaker Sleep Mode Switch Alarm Status (OK, Over Current, Temp , Low Volt., High Volt.) Battery to Battery Monitoring and External Communication Ports Physical and Performance Specifications Constant Current Discharge Table Amps at 25°C (77°F), 53.95 VDC Charge Operating Time (hrs) Constant Power Discharge Table Watts at 25°C (77°F), 53.95 VDC Charge Operating Time (hrs)

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Battery Management System (BMS) Key Features and Functions • Industry leading, +/- 1mV voltage measurement accuracy • Industry leading high rate automatic active cell balancing • Improved thermal management with high efficiency active balancing (non-dissipative) used to minimize wasted energy (heat) • Protects each cell from over-charge and over-discharge while increasing battery run time • Extended run time, balances continuously during charge and discharge • High current balancing reduces time to recharge from a discharged state • Real Time Operating System (RTOS) on a high performance...

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