LIBERTY® Series 1000


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LIBERTY® Series 1000 - 1

E RE TU RN CL CY RE UL Recognized Component 12-373 LEAD LIBERTY® SERIES 1000 VALVE REGULATED LEAD-CALCIUM BATTERY FOR STANDBY APPLICATIONS Capacities from 100 to 600 Ampere-hours (8 hours to 1.75 VPC) 343 to 2060 Watts per cell (15 mins to 1.67 VPC) C&D Technologies valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are products offer long battery life with minimal maintenance. The versatile engineered to provide performance reliability and consistency over the life Liberty® Series 1000 10-year VRLA product fits virtually anywhere and of the product. Designed using C&D’s patented processes, these provides superior performance in the most demanding applications. APPLICATIONS Telecom Switchgear Utility UPS • Customer Premise • Electric Utility • Data Centers • Broadband • Railway Signals • Network Operations Centers • Wireless • Emergency Systems • Industrial Process Control Facilities • PBX • Manufacturing Facilities • Semiconductor Manufacturing • Repeaters - Assembly Lines • Banks & Financial Markets • Fixed Wireline - Process Controls • Power Generation Plants • Outside Plants • Petrochemical processing plants • Hospital & Testing Laboratories • Underground Battery Vaults • Pipelines • Emergency 911 response centers SPECIFICATIONS Electrolyte at 77°F (25°C) 1.300 specific gravity nominal sulfuric acid System float voltages 2.25–2.27 volts per cell Life expectancy 10 years, full float service at 77°F (25°C) Container and cover High-impact, flame-retardant PVC Flammability ratings: UL 94-V0; ASTM D-635, self-extinguishing Oxygen index > 32 Safety vent system Low-pressure release valve with flash arrester Note: AC ripple current from the charger shall not exceed 5 percent of the 8 hour (ampere-hour) rating of the battery.

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LIBERTY® Series 1000 - 2

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Advanced, computer-controlled thermal cover-to-jar weld for greater reliability and consistency • Fully automated vacuum and filling operation results in uniform acid volume distribution and consistent float voltage • Automated, state-of-the-art, cast-on strap process ensures consistent, high-quality, low electrical-resistance welds • Immobilized electrolyte technology using an absorbent glass mat design (AGM) offers safe handling and storage • Through-the-partition intercell connection shortens current paths and increases performance • Non-spillable designation for...

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LIBERTY® Series 1000 - 5

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Steel Jackets Relay Rack Battery Trays For demanding applications, C&D provides optional components to enhance battery life. An optional steel jacket is available to preserve jar shape and maintain element compression in high-temperature operations. C&D manufactures a wide range of battery trays to mount in 19 inch (48.3 cm) and 23 inch (58.4 cm) relay racks. Please see 12-1064 for more information. RACKS C&D is a major supplier of high-quality VRLA battery racks to Telecommunications, Switchgear & Control, and UPS markets. Both standard and modular racks are designed...

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LIBERTY® Series 1000 - 6

BATTERY CABINET SYSTEMS Complete, pre-packaged battery cabinet systems are available from C&D Technologies. Systems include battery breaker or fuse, battery cabling and batteries – all installed and ready to connect to UPS upon installation. Options for battery monitoring will also be available. Powder-coated steel cabinets are UL1778 listed with seismic zone 4 capability available as an option. Fast acting fuses or circuit breakers are provided for system protection. Batteries are tested to assure system integrity. Mechanical robustness, approved electrical disconnects and high quality C&D...

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