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® NANO- CARBON ENHANCED DCS THE LIBERTY DCS CYCLE SERIES BATTERY For Renewable Energy Storage Applications CAPACITIES UP TO 1834 AMPERE-HOURS The Liberty DCS features the proven DCS technology for maximum cycle life in a space efficient, cost effective package. The DCS technology coupled with an advanced Nano-Carbon enhanced negative electrode provides time proven results and unmatched, industry leading cycle life, even in partial state of charge (PSoC) operation. Meets IBC and UBC seismic requirements High-strength, leak-free polymer container allows for non-restricted shipping: Water: non-hazardous per IMDG Amendment 27 Surface: non-hazardous per DOT-CFR title 49, 171-189 Air: IATA/ICAO, provision A67 100% helium leak tested and dielectric tested to ensure seal integrity UL-recognized component Flame retardant UL94V0/28% LOI is optional APPLICATIONS • Remote/Hybrid Sites • Communications • Off-Grid/Renewable • Grid scale energy storage • Other cycling applications 20 year design life High density pasted plates for high cycle life Every cell capacity tested to ensure performance Nano-Carbon enhanced active material to maximize cycle performance and PSoC operation Low calcium Lead/Tin alloy plates for efficient gas recombination for long life in both cycling and float applications Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance Modular design for economy of installation and maintenance. Threaded copper alloy inserts for reduced maintenance and increased safety Reduced system hardware for rapid installation Terminal versatility - ease of diagnostic readings with C&D Ohmic Ring® BATTERY CHARACTERISTICS InDUSTRY LEADIng CYCLE LIFE Depth of Discharge vs. Cycles 10000 6200

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CELL SPECIFICATIONS Voltage Energy saving operating temperature Connection Torque Recommended float charging voltage 2.25 - 2.27 Volts per cell average @ 77°F (25°C) Recommended cycle service voltage 2.35 - 2.40 Volts per cell average @ 77°F (25°C) Charger compensation temperature/voltage - 2 mV/cell/°F above 77°F (-3.6 mV/cell/°C above 25°C) + 2 mV/cell/°F below 77°F (+3.6 mV/cell/°C below 25°C) Individual Cell Dimensions (not including module) Length inches Rapid System Assembly

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You may also access the product ratings by logging onto the C&D Battery Sizing program at MOduLE CONFIgurATIONS MODULE TYPE NOMINAL VOLTS STACKING DIMENSIONS UNPACKED WEIGHT You may also access the complete product binder by logging onto the C&D Battery Sizing Program at

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SYSTEM CONFIgurATIONS Cells Per Module Model Number * 20 hour rate to 1.75 VPC @ 77˚F (25˚C) - Ampere hours. Terminal Plates (standard) For 100LC17 through 100LC27 (Cover removed for clarity) Side Termination (optional) For 100LC29 through 100LC33 (Cover removed for clarity) 1400 Union Meeting Road P.O. Box 3053 • Blue Bell, PA19422-0858 (215) 619-2700 • Fax (215) 619-7899 • (800) 543-8630 For 100LC17 through 100LC33 (Cover removed for clarity) Any data, descriptions or specifications presented herein are subject to revision by C&D Technologies,...

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