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FEATHERWEIGHT LITHIUM ION BATTERY LI TEL 48-170 C Maximum performance for float and high cycling service High Energy Density, limited space, lighter weight Safe operation, long life, maintenance free C&D Technologies’ advanced LI TEL Li‐ion batteries provide safe and reliable, high energy density storage, with long life for a wide variety of backup power applications around the world. C&D has used its long standing industrial standby power experience with years of research and development to meet the demanding requirements of today’s new telecommunications installations. Applications Telecommunications equipment powered from diesel generators in off‐grid or unreliable grid locations Renewable energy storage systems used to reduce CO2 emissions Distributed power applications with size and floor loading constraints BTS: Base transceiver station OSP: Wireline Outside Plants CO: Central Office

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Features and Benefits The LI TEL48-170C is capable of cycling and float service. The battery is designed for paralleling of multiple battery packs for increased reserve time. High cycle life and deep cycle: For infrastructure powered from high cycle life and deep cycle cost primary energy sources (e.g. diesel generators powered in off‐grid or unreliable grid locations and anywhere energy storage systems are used to reduce CO2 emissions). Maximum performance float operation: For applications where the grid is reliable the LI TEL series battery float performance provides the ideal long life,...

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Ampere Hour Capacity from 53.9V to 42.0V at 25°C (77°F)

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