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FLOODED BATTERY RACKS SELECTION GUIDE FOR RDB & RDC SERIES, STANDBY POwER RACKS • • • • Non-seismic and Earthquake Protected (EP1, EP2), IEEE-693 1-Tier, 2-Tier, 3-Tier, 2-Step D, DJ, DJU, J, K, and L/XT Cell Types Heavy Gauge Steel Construction Shown: L-Series, 2-tier, EP, painted rail, back-to-back installation, with standard 2-rail and optional third (center) support rail.

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RDB & RDC RACK FEATURES AND BENEFITS C&D Technologies RDB and RDC racks offer a variety of quality and value-added features. Most notably, both rack series take advantage of a “common-frame” design among the Standard, EP1, and EP2 series for all but the RDC 3 Tier EP2 rack. This allows the racks to be field upgradeable by simply installing additional bracing, while not having to remove any batteries! Additionally, the racks use a “C-Channel” frame cross-section that is more robust than competitive designs. The RDB EP racks are qualified to meet UBC 1994 Section 1630 seismic loading...

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TECHNOLOGIES Power Solutions TECHNOLOGIES® FLOODED RACK DETAILS AND DIMENSIONS Battery Type 5. Multiple rack configurations: Back-to-back racks may be bolted together. 5 in. (127 mm) minimum separation required between end-to-end EP rack installations. End-to-end Standard rack installations need no minimum separation. NOTES: 1. Consult engineering assembly drawings for more detailed dimensions and specific rack weights. 2. Rack depth does not include thickness of cross bracing and hardware. 3. The 800 series RDB racks will support either DJ, DJU, J or K cell types. Spacer blocks are...

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RDB SERIES EARTHQUAKE PROTECTED (EP) RACKS C&D offers a complete line of steel standby battery racks for use in locations that are subject to seismic disturbances. Two Earthquake Protected battery storage rack categories (EP1 and EP2) are offered to suit a variety of seismic loading conditions. These designs have been qualified to the 1994 Uniform Building Code (UBC), Chapter 16, Division III, “Earthquake Design”, Section 1630, “Lateral Force on Elements of Structures, Nonstructural Components and Equipment Supported by Structures.” 1. Determine the UBC seismic zone corresponding with the...

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RDC SERIES EARTHQUAKE PROTECTED (EP) RACKS C&D now offers a complete line of IBC 2009 certified stand-by battery racks, the RDC series, for the XT and L Series Batteries. Two Earthquake Protected battery storage rack categories (EP1 and EP2) are offered to suit a variety of seismic loading conditions. These designs have been qualified to the 2009 International Building Code (IBC), Chapter 16, “Structural Design”, Section 1613, “Earthquake Loads.” The qualification also covers the 2000, 2003, and 2006 versions of IBC as well as UBC 1994 and UBC 1997. SELECTING THE RIGHT RDC RACK EP CATEGORY...

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SELECTING THE RIGHT RDC RACK EP CATEGORY FOR UBC 1994/1997: 1. Determine the UBC Seismic Zone required for your geographic area (see map on page 4) 2. Determine if the installation is (a) Essential or Non-Essential and (b) located above grade or located at or below grade. 3. Choose the C&D seismic RDC rack category from the chart below which is qualified for that location. IEEE-693 QUALIFIED RDB RACKS C&D now offers several RDB rack models qualified to the IEEE-693 2005 standard. The following 2 Tier and 2 Step racks have been qualified: • RDB0801-693 HIGH • RDB0803-693 HIGH • RDB0901-693...

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RACK ORDERING INFORMATION UBC 1994 QUALIFIED RDB RACK ORDERING INFORMATION Series & Tiers (See Chart) ExAMPLES: -----For RDB models only Seismic Category EP1, EP2 (If no category is specified, leave blank and Non-Seismic (RDB) is specified) 693 (On selected, RDB models noted in table) Length in Feet 2. RDB0802-10 EP1P : J or K Series, RDB 3-Tier, 10 feet, EP1 (note “P” on end of P/N) 4. RDB0901-12-693 XT or L Series, 2 Tier, 12 feet, IEEE-693 NOTES: 1. Calculate Rack Rail Lengths as follows: Number of units (jars) per row x (unit length “L” +0.5 inch) - 0.5 inch Number of units (jars) per...

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RACK ORDERING INFORMATIONTHIRD-RAIL KIT — (PURCHASE SEPARATELY FOR L/XT SERIES ONLY) 3R EXAMPLE: 3R2T-12: Third rail kit, 2-tier, 12 feet, Painted NOTE: For RDB Rack Assembly Instructions, refer to RS-937. For more information on Spill Containment, refer to 12-201. (Located at the base of each frame) THIRD CENTER RAIL

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MISCELLANEOUS ENGINEERING NOTES: EP racks are qualified to specific lateral forces (g) as determined from the following formulas: seismic qualification CERTIFICATES Lateral force formula per Section 1630 of the 1994 UBC: Fp = ZIpCpWp where, Fp = total design lateral seismic force as defined by section 1630.2 Ip = occupancy importance factor as defined by Table 16-K — Occupancy Category = 1.00 for standard occupancy structures = 1.50 for essential facilities which includes all facilities providing emergency response (hospitals, fire & police stations, aviation control towers, etc.) Z =...

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