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arr series Three-phase, silicon-controlled for utility, UPS and other standby applications Features and BeneFits • Front access wiring reduces installation time and provides for ease of maintenance • Common control board for all output voltages and current ratings reduce spares requirements and simplifies maintenance • Stringent Class 1E nuclear design provides for a robust and reliable charger • Standard battery eliminator filtering allows operation while battery is undergoing maintenance eliminating the need to provide separate power • Designed to NEMA PE5 standard insures reliable performance under real world conditions

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Three-phase ARR chargers have 208, 240 or 480-volt input. DC outputs are either 130 volts at 50 to 500 amps or 260 volts at 25 to 250 amps. electrical Features standard control modules All three-phase ARR chargers, regardless of size, use the same plug-in printed circuit boards. This minimizes parts inventory and simplifies maintenance. regulation DC float voltage is maintained within ± 0.5 percent from no load to full load with input frequency variations of ±5 percent and with ac input voltage variation as shown. current limiting The current limiting circuit is factory set at 105 percent...

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Block diagraM For typical tHree-pHase arr silicon-controlled cHarger POWER XFMR PHASE CONTROL AND PULSE NETWORk PHASE CONTROL AND PULSE NETWORk PHASE CONTROL AND PULSE NETWORk CURRENT XFMR POWER XFMR CURRENT XFMR POWER XFMR CURRENT XFMR VOLT ERROR DET AND CURRENT SENSOR INTERPHASE CONNECTION ambient operating temperatures Three-phase ARR chargers will operate at current limiting continuously in temperatures from 32F to 122F (0C to 50C). These units can be stored for up to one year at temperatures ranging from -40F to 185F (-40C to 85C). Finish Electrostatically applied, baked epoxy powder...

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10-305 caBinet diMensions caBinet arr tHree-pHase Model suMMary Model input Volts ac amps at rated output 1400 Union Meeting Road P.O. box 3053 • blue bell, PA 19422-0858 (215) 619-2700 • Fax (215) 619-7899 • (800) 543-8630 cabinet number approximate shipping weight lb Any data, descriptions or specifications presented herein are subject to revision by C&D Technologies, Inc. without notice. While such information is believed to be accurate as indicated herein, C&D Technologies, Inc. makes no warranty and hereby disclaims all warranties, express or...

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