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Technical Data Sheet C-CIT Sensors AG

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CITSens Ion Potentiometer C-CIT Sensor's 6 - Channel ISE-Potentiometer (ion meter) is used for studying the activity of a large amount of ions in liquids. The Potentiometer allows to connect 6 Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) simultaneously to monitor six anions and/or cations in parallel. The ISE then are referenced to a single reference electrode (channel 7). The instrument can be used for different applications: - To check the comparability (i.e. reproducibility, detection limit etc.) of ISEs under identical conditions - In process monitoring - Monitoring of up to six different ions...

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CITSens Ion - 3

We offer Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) and membranes of different size and shape for measuring the concentration of ions such as NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, K+, Na+, and different metals in liquids. Typical applications include the quantification of key ions in chemical reactions, waste water analysis, aquaponics, phyto-mining and many other environmental applications. The CITSens Ion Electrodes will be delivered without integrated reference electrodes and are available for different ions. The cable for each electrodes is optional and has to be ordered separately. Additional information on CITSens...

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CITSens Ion - 4

Sensortypes Mini-Tube Electrode The CITSens Ion ion selective Mini-Tube Electrodes are especially designed to measure in small sample volumes. All ion selective Mini-Tube Electrodes have high resolution, good selectivity against other Ions and a long shelf life. For additional information please check the sensor specifications. The Electrodes are designed for laboratory applications or mobile inserts and can be gamma-irradiated. C-CIT Sensors AG TechSheetIon_V1

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CITSens Ion - 5

Art. No.: 3000-301.1 CITSens Ion Ammonium (NH/) selective Mini-tube electrode C-CIT Sensors AG

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CITSens Ion - 6

Art. No.: 3000-301.5 CITSens Ion Sodium (Na+) selective Mini-tube electrode Art. No.: 3000-300 CITSens Ion Mini-Reference electrode Mini-Reference Electrode for the use together with ion selective Mini-Tube Electrodes. The cable BCN/C6 or cable BCN/open has to be ordered separately. Liquid electrolyte: 3M MgS04 or KCl Electrode: Ag / AgCl Size: l = 133 mm, d = 6 mm Art. No.:“CITSens Ion” Gel-Reference Electrode Gel-Reference erlectrode to use with the „CITSens Ion“ Flow-Trough-System from C-CIT AG Gel electrolyte: KCl-Gel Electrode: Silver/Silver chloride Lifetime:...

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CITSens Ion - 7

UnilSE MT 050 The electrode body UniISE MT050 is the ideal electrode body for the development of own ion selective sensors. It is used to incorporate own ion selective membranes or ion selective membranes of C-CIT Sensor AG. The electrode body consists of two parts a polymer tube with the silver/silver chloride electrode including the electrolyte and the connection a polymer tip with the ion selective membrane. The ion selective membrane and the inner electrolyte can be replaced at any time. Therefore different membranes and different electrolytes without building up a totally new sensor...

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CITSens Ion - 8

Art. No.: 3000-501.3 Ammonium (NH/) selective replacement tip for UnilSE MT050 C-CIT Sensors AG

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CITSens Ion - 9

Art. No.: 3000-501.7 Sodium (Na+) selective replacement tip for UnilSE MT050 C-CIT Sensors AG

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CITSens Ion - 10

CITSens Ion Membrane The ion selective membranes can be built in the electrode body UnilSE MT050 or in the flow-trough system of C-CIT AG. The membranes together with the electrode body or the flow-trough system are ideal tools for the development of own selective electrodes. We also offer our full know-how by developing your own ion selective sensors and device. The ion selective membranes of C-CIT Sensors AG are delivered in right size and thickness ready to use in the electrode body of the MT050. Any other sizes can be delivered on request. If you are not able to find your membrane of...

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CITSens Ion - 11

Art. No.: 3000-500.1 Ammonium (NH/) selective Membrane C-CIT Sensors AG

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CITSens Ion - 12

Art. No.: 3000-500.5 Sodium (Na+) selective Membrane C-CIT Sensors AG

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CITSens Ion - 13

CITSens Ion Accessories The tool set for the electrode body consists of a screwer and a punch with the right diameter to stamp membranes in the right size suitable to our UniISE MT050. To connect the electrodes to the potentiometer (ion meter) of C-CIT Sensors AG we offer four different wires for being able to provide you the best choice for your application. If you have your own potentiometer we also offer wires with the right connector for the electrode body and an open end where a connector of choice can be installed. C-CIT Sensors AG

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