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The industry leading unmanned aircraft systems are UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEM electrically powered and able to achieve superior stability and endurance through unique advanced Blended Wing Body airframe aerodynamics. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Advanced Technology Light Acquisition System Special OPS surveillance system (Re)defining precision remote sensing Battlefield and special OPS proven SENSOR INTEGRATION MTOW: 2,7 kg Wingspan: 155 cm Endurance: Up to 59 min MTOW: 2,7 kg Wingspan: 155 cm Endurance: Up to 90 min MTOW: 4,7 kg Wingspan: 230 cm Endurance: Up to 3,5 h MTOW: 4,9 kg Wingspan: 230 cm...

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ATLAS unmanned aircraft system Advanced Technology Light Acqusition System 4

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 4

“We fly Bramor ppX systems and have mapped corridors of more than 3000 km in length, but want to have < 59 min a similar capability in a smaller package. This is why we are extremely excited to be one of the first ATLAS ppX users. This is clearly the best small fixed-wing UAS for mapping in the world.” SEBASTIAN ZEPEDA, OCULUS AIRBORNE SENSING, MEXICO ≥ Remote sensing ≥ Precision agriculture ≥ Environmental monitoring ≥ Satellite data validation ≥ Insurance ≥ Critical infrastructure mapping ≥ Construction ≥ Mining ≥ IMINT ≥ MS-MX Multispectral Sensor ≥ MS-SQ Multispectral Camera ≥ NAV /...

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 5

“The ATLAS C4EYE is revolutionizing the first responder’s drone market. Its capabilities < 90 min are unrivalled. The 1.5 hours endurance and the superior 4X zoom night vision offers Water resistant unparalleled situational awareness.” TODD HILLHOUSE, PLANET INHOUSE, INC. ≥ Waterproof camera dome availible OPTIONS & EXTRAS Quiet/Silent operation Provides additional safety feature ≥ Modular Payload ≥ Precise parachute landing 20x20 m Integrated Parachute ≥ Quiet operation above 80 m AGL ≥ Flight-ready in less than 5 min ≥ NAV / Strobe lights ≥ ATLAS Backpack ≥ Visibility markings ≥ Emergency...

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 6

BRAMOR ppX The BRAMOR ppX (GNSS PPK - Post Processing Kinematic) UAS is ideally suited for surveying and remote sensing applications that need a fast high precision set of results, down to sub-centimeter GSD level also in the absence of a grid of ground control points. 10

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 7

“We would not have been able to map more than 300 km of a remote railway line in Ethiopia in a week without Bramor’s capability to acquire data without a preplaced grid of ground control points.” JAN ZOREC, KOBALE SURVEYING SERVICES ≥ Best accuracy on the market ≥ Post Processing Kinematic ≥ Onboard survey grade L1&L2 (L5 ready) GNSS receiver ≥ GPS, Glonass ≥ Fast initialization ≥ RTK datalink independent ≥ GSD sub cm @ 70 m AGL ≥ Known or Unknown point reference station compatibility ≥ Virtual Reference Station ≥ Compatible with RINEX Base data ≥ 100% Autonomous ≥ Automatic parachute...

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 8

BRAMOR mSX A revolutionary multispectral, visible light and thermal remote sensing instrument is here. The industry leading Bramor mSX BVLOS long endurance UAS is is equipped with the advanced Micasense ALTUM sensor, capable of acquiring data for precision agriculture and multi mission remote sensing for 3 hours per flight. Enduring - Precision! 14

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 9

“The mSX is it! The first ALTUM fixed wing under 5kg with 3h endurance.” TERRA DRONE ≥ Thermal, multispectral and high resolution imagery in one sensor ≥ Large area multispectral mapping ≥ Dataling range up to 40 km ≥ Pipeline monitoring ≥ Leak detection ≥ ROW monitoring OPTIONS & EXTRAS ≥ NAV / Strobe lights ≥ Visibility markings ≥ Base Station Altus NR3 ≥ ADS-B Mode S Transponder Crop heath mapping Phenotype Water stress analysis Scouting for leaks Fertilizer management Zone mapping Bark beetle detection Disease identification Integrated Parachute Precise and safe landings Micasense ALTUM...

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 10

BRAMOR C4EYE The field proven BRAMOR C4EYE UAS line is suitable for operations where real-time or near real time video observation and surveillance capability is of utmost importance. With an endurance of up to 3,5 hours, a standard data and payload link of up to 40 km LOS, or the optional MANET digital communications capabilities. 18

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 11

“We have put this machines through their paces in battle zone conditions and the MOD has decided that this will be the UAS of choice for future procurement.” A SOVEREIGN C4EYE OPERATOR IN EUROPE prosecution guidance modes ≥ Carbon / KevlarTM / VectranTM Construction ≥ Simple flight planning ≥ One or Two person operation ≥ Catapult takeoff ≥ Accurate Parachute Landing in a 30m x 30m zone ≥ Robust fail-safe system for maximum safety ≥ Convoy following capability ≥ Flight ready in less than 5 min ≥ Ability to track, Geo-register or Lock targets ≥ AN/PVS-7B/D, AN/PVS-14 and AN/ AVS-9 compatible...

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 12

Bramor sAR can be used to locate the phone of a person in distress. It can operate in local network coverage, or where there is poor or no coverage at all. Disaster relief The system will locate any powered mobiles in a disaster area. Options include: sending text messages while receiving messages from those in need of assistance. Border security (SIGINT) Detection and location of mobile phones in offshore boats (people smuggling). Generating alerts from phones in restricted areas, border intrusions etc. BRAMOR sAR The revolutionary BRAMOR sAR has been designed to accurately locate mobile...

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Unamanned aircraft systems - 13

“We have been operating the Bramor UAS for the last 3 years and are getting good results in homeland security scenarios. The new payload will be of big help in our search and rescue missions.” UNDISCLOSED BRAMOR C4EYE OPERATOR ≥ Up to 2,5 KM wide search path ≥ Low profile antennas ≥ Cell phone location from phone GPS or triangulation ≥ Send and Receive SMS Text ≥ Software defined radio ≥ Gives Lat Long, displayed on embedded mapping ≥ Designed to meet the extreme conditions of SAR operations ≥ Simple to use UI ≥ 2G, 3G and 4G technology base station ≥ Natural disasters ≥ First responder...

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