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Torque Sensors

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Always finding the right moment SMART TORQUE SENSORS KEEPING PACE WITH ADVANCES IN PROCESS CONTROL. burster TORQUE SENSORS CAN HANDLE EVERY CHALLENGE. PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR THE CHALLENGES OF OUR AGE FROM THE SPECIFIC TO THE UNIVERSAL – GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Our customers operate in practically every branch of industry around the world and expect products to work perfectly 100% of the time. As the requirements set by exacting production processes and quality assurance standards become ever more stringent, process control depends increasingly on sensors and analysis equipment. Torque measurement...

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Applications TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. PRECISION TORQUE SENSOR 8661 PRECISION TORQUE SENSOR 8661 Thanks to its excellent measurement performance and outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, this compact all-rounder is ideal for applications where precision, functionality and process intergration are still essential even when measuring very small torques. An excellent price-performance ratio makes this sensor a worthwile and safe investment. ^ Torque/angle measurement on vehicle dashboard controls uplings jr Features ■ Measurement ranges of 0 ... 0.02 Nm to 0 ......

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Torque sensors TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. This sensor’s easy-to-use design and particularly attractive price open up a wealth of potential uses even for highly price-sensitive applications. A rugged construction and option to extend the nominal temperature range create new opportunities where cost and complexity would previously have ruled out direct torque measurements. Torque measurements on hinges Highlights Extremely good value and zero maintenance © GRASS Movement Systems Built-in instrumentation amplifier Highlights/Options Tolerates high transverse forces and bending...

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Torque sensors TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. HIGH-PRECISION TORQUE SENSOR 8625 HIGH-PRECISION TORQUE SENSOR 8625 The sophisticated design and unrivalled measurement capabilities of this high-precision torque sensor can be enjoyed in a vast range of applications thanks to its modular mechanical and electrical design. Measuring the static latching torque for plastic bearings Highlights mounting plate safety couplings Versatile mechanical fitting options torque sensor (is moved) Excellent price/performance ratio Linearity error as low as from 0.05 % F.S. Optional USB port can be...

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Torque sensors TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. FLANGE TORQUE SENSOR 8627 FLANGE TORQUE SENSOR 8627 Accurate measurements of reaction torques and of constantly present torques are equally easy using this flange torque sensor. The small angle of twist and rugged mechanical design make this sensor suitable for both static and dynamic non-rotating torque applications. Features Non-rotating torque measurement on bulk-material filling equipment gearing/ dispensing Measurement ranges of 0 … 10 Nm to 0 … 5000 Nm Very easy to use and fit Highlights/Options Linearity error as low as from...

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FOR NON-ROTATING AND ROTATING APPLICATIONS. DigiVision POWERFUL DATA ACQUISITION AND ANALYSIS SOFTWARE. burster's in-house design and production departments also develop and manufacture high-quality torque sensors that provide exceptional field-tested features for very specific tasks. They are in use all around the world in the most diverse applications and industry sectors. If the sensors presented here do not match your requirements profile, we will be happy to design the perfect solution to fit your needs. EVERY PROCESS RELIABLY IN VIEW Offering multi-channel capability and designed for...

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CUSTOMER ADVICE The accuracy of your torque measurements relies on applying a high level of technical understanding to assess your entire process chain. Whatever support you may need, from measurement-problem analysis through system startup to recalibration, our experienced design and service engineers can help. (( DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle D-K-15141-01-00 MORE SERVICE COMPONENTS ON OUR WEBSITE ■ I n the Service login area you can access your calibration certificates and test reports 24/7 wherever you are ■ The product cockpit contains all the important...

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BECAUSE PROGRESS NEEDS VISION. burster, the specialists for measuring equipment and sensors, delivers the ideal solution that meets your requirements to a T. We offer you forward-looking products, system solutions and a comprehensive suite of services to supplement our product range. With personal commitment and an uncompromising focus on quality. Measuring technology with perspective. THE MEASUREMENT SOLUTION. gmbh & co kg Talstr. 1–5 76593 Gernsbach, GERMANY Phone: (+49) 07224-6450 Fax: (+49) 07224-64588 E-Mail: burster präzisionsmesstechnik

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