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Always finding the right moment SMART TORQUE SENSORS KEEPING PACE WITH ADVANCES IN PROCESS CONTROL. PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR THE CHALLENGES OF OUR AGE Our customers operate in practically every branch of industry around the world and expect products to work perfectly 100% of the time. As the requirements set by exacting production processes and quality assurance standards become ever more stringent, process control depends increasingly on sensors and analysis equipment. As one of the leading manufacturers of torque sensors, we can provide innovative ideas, experience-led advice and smart...

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Success in practice burster TORQUE SENSORS CAN HANDLE EVERY CHALLENGE. FROM THE SPECIFIC TO THE UNIVERSAL – GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Torque measurement is increasingly relevant to growth markets such as drive technology, automotive engineering, electromobility and medical technology. burster has many years’ experience designing, building and using torque sensors and in providing valuable applications advice in many different industrial and research sectors, making burster expert in solving torque measurement problems. Take advantage of our experience now to gain that competitive edge. DRIVE...

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Torque Sensors - 4

Thanks to its excellent measurement performance and outstanding electrical and mechanical properties, this compact all-rounder is ideal for applications where precision, functionality and process intergration are still essential even when measuring very small torques. An excellent price-performance ratio makes this sensor a worthwile and safe investment. Features ■ Measurement ranges of 0 ... 0.02 Nm to 0 ... 1000 Nm ■ Output voltage 0 ... ±10 VDC or USB with Lab VIEW/DLL interface ■ Intelligent operating state indicator Highlights ■ Linearity error as low as from 0.05 % F.S. ■ Variable...

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Torque Sensors - 5

Applications TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. PRECISION TORQUE SENSOR 8661 Torque/angle measurement on vehicle dashboard controls Highlights couplings torque sensor When monitoring the haptic response of a rotary switch, it is important to measure precisely the torque that must be applied (adjustment force required > proprioceptive sensation > tactile Torque measurement < 0.05 Nm Angle resolution 0.0885 ° Simplified construction because there is no need for an additional high-resolution angle sensor sensation). The 8661 torque sensor can be used to measure reproducibly and...

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Torque Sensors - 6

This sensor's easy-to-use design and particularly attractive price open up a wealth of potential uses even for highly price-sensitive applications. A rugged construction and the nominal temperature range create new opportunities where cost and complexity would previously have ruled out direct torque measurements. Features ■ Measurement ranges of 0 ... 2.5 Nm to 0 ... 500 Nm ■ Extremely good value and zero maintenance ■ Built-in instrumentation amplifier Highlights/Options ■ Tolerates high transverse forces and bending moments ■ Nominal temperature range -40 °C up to 85 °C ■...

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Torque Sensors - 7

Applications TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. TORQUE SENSOR 8645 Torque measurements on hinges Highlights Contact-less torque measurement up to 7.5 Nm Built-in instrumentation amplifier Benefits hinge © GRASS Movement Systems The torque characteristic in different detent positions of door hinges is measured over a preset angle. The 8645 torque sensor is used in final testing for 100% measurement of the alternating bidirectional torque characteristic. Slight axial forces inherent in Maintenance-free sensor, excellent value for money Suitable for use in harsh conditions thanks to...

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Torque Sensors - 8

HIGH-PRECISION TORQUE SENSOR 8625 The sophisticated design and unrivalled measurement capabilities of this high-precision torque sensor can be enjoyed in a vast range of applications thanks to its modular mechanical and electrical design. Features ■ Measurement ranges of 0 ... 0.01 Nm to 0 ... 200 Nm ■ Versatile mechanical fitting options ■ Excellent price/performance ratio Highlights ■ Linearity error as low as from 0.05 % F.S. ■ Optional USB port can be used for TARE, filter and average value settings ■ Wide nominal temperature range -20 °C up to 80 °C Options ■ Analog output 0 ... ±10...

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Torque Sensors - 9

Highlights ■ Linearity error 0.05 % ■ Analog output signal ±10 VDC Benefits ■ Built-in instrumentation amplifier cuts susceptibility ■ End-mounting facility simplifies mechanical construction Two precisely positioned plastic bearings are simultaneously fitted in a mounting plate by rotating through a fixed angle of 13 °. The friction torque and latching torque lie in the range of 4.7 Nm to 9 Nm. The 8625 torque sensor is used not only to detect the jump in torque as the part engages but also to measure the friction torque needed while the part is running under the tab until it engages. The...

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Torque Sensors - 10

TORQUE SENSOR 8630 The ultra-rugged miniature square-shaft torque sensor features outstanding measurement and mechanical properties. The mechanical process connections and the optimized design make this torque sensor ideal for use in a huge variety of screw-action applications. Features ■ Measurement ranges of 0 ... 1 Nm to 0 ... 200 Nm ■ Choice of mechanical adapters Highlights/Options ■ Linearity error of 0.1 % F.S. ■ Output voltage ±10 V and USB ■ Suitable for mounting on flange or bracket ■ burster TEDS ■ German-accredited DAkkS or factory calibration certificate Accurate measurements...

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Applications TURNING MOMENTS INTO IMPRESSIVE SOLUTIONS. TORQUE SENSOR 8630 Non-rotating tightening-torque measurement on hand-guided electric screwdrivers Highlights electric screwdriver Low profile Bending moments have no impact by additional support bearings special fixture torque sensor with flange Standard square shaft Excellent value for money Suitable for use in harsh conditions thanks to ultra-rugged sensor design In a simple test station for electric screwdrivers, an 8630 nonrotating torque sensor is used to measure the screw tightening torque in M4 to M6 screw connections. This...

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