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Press fitting - the reliable way 100  QUALITY CONTROL FOR MANUALLY OPERATED PRESSES %

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100 % quality with manually operated presses QUALITY ASSURANCE ON MANUAL PRESSES IS NOT A LUXURY - IT’S ESSENTIAL. Price and quality pressures are constantly rising, squeezing out any room for manufacturing defects. There is an ever-increasing need to monitor not only complex operations but also simple production and assembly processes. Prevent costly product recalls! To obtain certainty for yourself and your customers, you need to be able to make reliable, quality-relevant statements about the components you manufacture. This particularly applies to monitoring press-fit operations on...

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The 3-solution concept MANY APPLICATIONS, ONE GOAL: 100% MANUAL PRESS MONITORING. Whichever option fits the current requirements profile for your business or holds promising potential for the future – our monitoring concepts are the right way to go. You will also benefit from our all-round service offer that makes setup and initial operation easy. BASIC SOLUTION Low-cost for self-contained workstations PAC K AGE L STARTE R S THE IDEA PPLI CATI ON BASIC A FO R M ANY From simple force indication to recording complex force-displacement processes, our systems solve all tasks in countless...

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Basic – economical, for self-contained workstations 100% CONTROL, 100% LOW-COST. The basic solution is a straightforward and simple yet effective way to control processes. We recommend this complete package when you want process control with very low overall costs. COMPONENTS IN THE BASIC SOLUTION: SIMPLE PROCESS CONTROL FOR MANY APPLICATIONS F orceMaster 9110 Measuring instrument specially developed for manual presses, for press-insertion and joint monitoring Press-fitting case lids, sealing plugs etc. Robust, easy to fit, mechanical overload protection Clearance checks for pumps Durable,...

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Comfort – flexible process monitoring 100% CONTROL, 100% CONVENIENT. The comfort solution is used wherever force-displacement curves need to be displayed. Enormous flexibility in measurement value acquisition, variable evaluation elements and a wide range of process dialogs render process control particularly convenient. COMPONENTS OF THE COMFORT SOLUTION: CONVENIENT PROCESS CONTROL WITH PRECISE EVALUATION D IGIFORCE® 9311 Process controller with wide performance scope Press-insertion of ball bearings Robust, easy to fit, mechanical overload protection Inserting balls to seal holes Crimping...

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The high-end solution is suitable for combining a large range and variance of components with control of complex processes. A huge range of individual measurement programs and diverse interfaces make the DIGIFORCE® 9307 a solution that meets the highest requirements for measurement and integration. COMPONENTS IN THE HIGH-END SOLUTION: ■ DIGIFORCE® 9307 Process controller with outstanding measurement accuracy ■ Load cells 8451/8552 Robust, easy to fit, mechanical overload protection ■ Precision tension and compression load cells 8431/8432 High-precision, immune to interference, convenient...

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Global control: any press anywhere Practical – load cells and transducers MONITORING MATTERS JUST AS MUCH AS THE PRESS. FOR FORCE AND DISPLACEMENT MEASUREMENT. JUST EASY-PEASY: CONTROL ANY MANUAL PRESS WITH THE RIGHT SOLUTION PRESS LOAD CELL 8552 All sorts of businesses use manual presses. Countless manual workstations are fitted with widely different models and designs of manual presses. They are an indispensable tool in the small to moderate-scale simple production and assembly of components. They also provide a vital service in goods-inwards inspection and random sample testing of...

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Seamless monitoring for existing presses RETROFIT PROCESS MONITORING. ForceMaster 9110 DIGIFORCE® 9311 DIGIFORCE® 9307 We would be pleased to support you fitting reliable instrumentation to your existing manually operated presses. Our service offering ranges from analyzing your requirements and selecting the right products, to installation, training and calibration so that maximum availability is permanently maintained. Benefit from our tailored service packages for our 3-solution concept Applications Measurement accuracy Basic solution for simple force or force-displacement monitoring,...

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With certainty in good hands ON-SITE CALIBRATION SERVICE CUTS PRODUCTION DOWNTIME. KEEPING THE BIG PICTURE IN MIND. Do you need to meet ISO 9001 requirements for test equipment monitoring? With our on-site calibration service, you avoid production downtime and do not need to dismantle your machinery. After consultation the option of on-site calibration can be considered when applicable. We specialize in calibrating 1 N to 200 kN load cells. With our comprehensive service concept, not only can you find a manual press monitoring solution that is exactly tailored to your needs, you can also...

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FAQs HELPFUL AND USEFUL TIPS. Manual rack-and-pinion or toggle presses usually have a circular or square press ram. It is important to choose the correct sensor type for these manual presses whether purchasing the full assembly new or retrofitting sensors to an existing press. The following handy tips on mechanical requirements, installation conditions and technical measurement issues are intended to help you select the right load cell and displacement transducer and to fit them quickly and easily to your manual press. What are the most commonly used measurement procedures? Simple force...

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BECAUSE PROGRESS NEEDS VISION. burster, the specialist for measuring equipment and sensors, delivers the ideal solution that meets your requirements to a T. We offer you forward-looking products, system solutions and a comprehensive suite of services to supplement our product range. With personal commitment and an uncompromising focus on quality. Measuring technology with perspective. THE MEASUREMENT SOLUTION. gmbh & co kg Talstr. 1–5 DE-76593 Gernsbach, GERMANY Phone: +49-7224-645-0 Fax: +49-7224-645-88 Email: burster praezisionsmesstechnik

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