Portable Reference Measuring Chain for Compression Load from 20 N to 100 kN


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Portable Reference Measuring Chain for Compression Load from 20 N to 100 kN - 1

Portable Reference Measuring Chain with DAkkS Calibration Certificate for Compression Load from 20 N to 100 kN ■ Highest precision ■ 12 force measurement ranges selectable from 20 N to 100 kN ■ DAkkS calibration certificate for the full measuring chain ■ Min/max peak values ■ burster TEDS, automatic reading of the sensor datas ■ Sensor can easily be integrated into the flow of forces Application The force measuring chain is an universal reference measuring chain for the calibration of press-fit force measuring equipment. It finds applications in the quality assurance, commissioning and equipment monitoring fields. A DAkkS calibration certificate is included so that the force measuring chain can be traced back. The calibration is traceable through accreditation at the German Accreditation Body. The calibration certificate records the displayed values for mounting positions at 0°, 120° and 240°. During calibration in field, the reference load cell is inserted in line with the flux of the press-fit measuring equipment. The force application is of central significance here for the quality of the measurement. Special force application parts are required, so that the line of action of the force agrees as exactly as possible with the geometrical axis of the load cell that is to be measured (central loading). It is, furthermore, very important that neither transverse forces nor torques reach the load cell. A sensor with the option “burster TEDS” allows easy configuration of the used measuring chain, without values have to be entered manually. Thus, fast and simple, different sensors can be operated on TRANS CAL 7281 and the respective configuration is not necessary. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at www.burster.com Description The TRANS CAL 7281 is a portable high-precision calibration and test instrument suitable for load cells based on strain-gauge technology. Thanks to the low error tolerance the display device is particularly suitable where high accuracy is required. The tare function allows any base load that may be present to be cancelled out. The force measuring chain consists of a model 7281 measuring instrument and the 8527/8416 load cell and can be used to measure compressive forces up to 100 kN (depending on the force range). With the help of the fastening holes located around the circumference and of the undulation on the engaging surface, the sensor can relatively easily be adapted to existing manufacturing and production systems. Depending on the existing compression force, the user can select a measuring range from 20 N up to 100 kN (in 12 stages). The reference measuring chain is fully configured and calibrated. The DAkkS calibration accords with EN ISO 376. The optionally available PC software DigiCal permits an easy compilation of test certificates. Additionally measurement results can be exported in Microsoft Excel format for their further processing. The communication between TRANS CAL and PC is handled through USB interface. burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany www.burster.com Talstr. 1-5 ■ Gernsbach 76593 ■ Phone +49-7224-6450 info@burster.com

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Portable Reference Measuring Chain for Compression Load from 20 N to 100 kN - 2

(reduced at 50/s accuracy) TC gain: ± 0.002 %/K DAkkS calibrations for force measuring chains The DAkkS calibration of force measuring chains is carried out according to EN ISO 376. The load cells are calibrated over their full measuring range in steps of 10 %. A minimum of three measuring cycles are carried out in different mounting positions rotated by 0°, 120° and 240° around the sensor‘s axis of symmetry. The calibration certificate remains valid for a maximum of 26 months. Recalibration is required immediately if overload > 100 % of the nominal force occurs. Strain gauge Error limit:...

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