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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 1

Valid from: OPERATING MANUAL ForceMaster 9110 burster prazisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg All rights reserved Manufacturer: burster prazisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg TalstraGe 1 - 5 P.O.Box 1432 Germany Germany E-Mail: info@burster.de

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 2

Warranty - exclusion of liability All information in the present documentation was prepared and compiled with great care and reproduced subject to effective control measures. No warranty is provided for freedom from errors. We reserve the right to make technical changes. The present information as well as the corresponding technical data can change without notice. Reproduction of any part of this documentation or its processing or revision using electronic systems is prohibited without the manufacturer's prior written approval. Components, devices and measured value sensors made by burster...

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 3

The measurement solution. Konformitatserklarung (nach en iso/iec 170501 2010) Declaration of conformity (in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17050-1:2010) Name des Ausstellers: Issuer’s name: burster prazisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Anschrift des Ausstellers: Issuer’s address: Talstr. 1-5 76593 Gernsbach, Germany Gegenstand der Erklarung: Object of the declaration: ForceMaster 9110 Modellnummer(n) (Typ): Model number / type: Diese Erklarung beinhaltet obengenannte Produkte mit alien Optionen This declaration covers all options of the above product(s) Das oben beschriebene Produkt ist konform...

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 9

1. For your safety The following symbols on the device and in this manual warn of hazards: Symbols in the manual Warning Death or serious injury can occur if no appropriate precautions are taken. Caution • Damage to property can occur if no appropriate precautions are taken. Note It is important to heed these safety notices in order to ensure correct handling of the instrument. Symbols on the device Observe the text on the device Observe the text next to/underneath the warning sign: "Unplug the mains before opening! - Observe safety instruction - Servicing only by trained technicians"

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 10

2. Introduction2.1 Intended use The ForceMaster 9110 is a device for monitoring repetitive production processes. Its particular purpose is the recording and evaluation of process signals, where the curve of the force has a defined relationship with displacement or time. The result of the analysis is classified as either ACCEPTABLE (OK) or is NOT acceptable (NOK). Visual and acoustic signals are given, and made available at various interfaces. The device is not a replacement for safety equipment, such as for the emergency shutdown of a press if the pressing force exceeds a limit value. 2.2...

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 11

2.3 Personnel The operating personnel must be familiar with the respectively applicable regulations. They must follow these regulations. • ForceMaster 9110 • Operating manual • 1 x mains cable If you open up the ForceMaster 9110 or dismantle it during the warranty period, the warranty will be immediately voided. The ForceMaster 9110 may only be opened by our technical personnel. It is forbidden to make any modification to the ForceMaster 9110 without our written permission. In that case we can accept no liability.

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 12

Device concept The ForceMaster 9110 is a measuring instrument that monitors production operations at manual presses by measuring the applied force and the distance travelled by the punch. The design includes mechanisms that make sure that reported errors cannot be ignored. Simple operation Bei der Entwicklung des ForceMaster 9110 wurde auf einfache Bedienung großer Wert gelegt. Es gibt nur einen Bedienknopf, der genügt, um durch das Menü zu navigieren. The work required to set up the ForceMaster 9110 has been simplified through the introduction of an autoconfiguration system. You carry out...

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 13

Two recording modes are available to you. A CSV file is generated in both cases. Many statistical programs (e.g. Excel, Access) can process this format. • A job file records the data measured for each part, including what force was reached, and whether the part was OK. A menu allows you to choose whether the entire pressing curve is to be stored. Because a pressing curve contains a relatively large amount of data, the storage process takes up to 3 seconds. In addition, this data record takes a correspondingly large amount of storage on the stick. It is possible to collect the accumulated...

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 14

"V burster 3.8 Front view of the ForceMaster 9110

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 15

3.9 Rear view of the ForceMaster 9110

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 16

Menu structure of the ForceMaster 9110/ 3.10 Menu structure of the ForceMaster 9110 | MENUE start [ Q-1 Counter ' j -show -delete -set O-1 USB stick | -USB status -without stick: ok -wihtout stick: NOK -curve -> stick -100 c. -> Stick -100 c. -> STOP -all c. -> stick -all c. -> STOP 6-1 CARD | -read -write -ToolCard direct 0-1 AutoKonfig | -Stepl teach-in 0-1 Step 2 modes | -ForceDispThr. -Gateway no thread in force -Thread in force -No block force -Hide block force -Monitor block force -Monitor BK+disp. -Step3 values 0-1 Manual settings | -TR KR -TR WG -KR Alarml -KR Alarm2 0-1 Error...

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 17

-ItemNo -ItemDes -OrderNo -Customer Q-1 PLC & I/O -Reset PLC -See prog. -Edit prog. -Delte prog. -Enable PLC -Enable I/O -Block PLC+I/O Q-1 Cams | -prog. -delete O-1 Statistics ' [ -Parts/h -Parts/min -1/1 -1/10 -1/100 Q-1 Internal settings"] -Special disp -KS autoconfig -RS232 <-> USB -Cal. message -Display format -UTK -Standard settings Q-1 Date & time ' | -Date -Time 0-1 Status | -Display of the device data Q-1 Language | -deutsch -englisch -frangais -italiano -magyar -polski . MENUEend Device concept

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OPERATING MANUAL  ForceMaster 9110 - 18

3.10.1 Operating example (extract from the menu) Man. settings Error signals Order data Menu structure of the ForceMaster 9110/ Error signal Ackn. error ^^^^^ Extract from the setting menu The menu structure of the ForceMaster 9110 has been kept simple. Like PC applications, there is a main menu. When you select a menu item, you are taken to a sub-menu. 3.10.2 Aids to orientation for operation Arrows that indicate the possible directions of rotation are provided on the lower right of the display, immediately next to the rotary knob, for better orientation in the menu. If the arrow points to...

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