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NEW BATTERY MEASUREMENT METHODS FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION Battery Measuring Module 2511 U ncompromising quality assurance for every battery cell P erfect for technology-independent round, prismatic or pouch cell formats I deal for 100 % testing of high-performance battery packs, battery cells in gigafactories, power tools, large-scale energy storage, e-mobility, etc. I nternal AC and DC resistance measurement M easurement and evaluation result in a few milliseconds F or single to multi-channel applications, also subsequently expandable E xtremely compact IP54 design, various mounting concepts E xcellent price/performance ratio I nternal resistance measurement at 1 kHz, optionally 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz as well F our-wire measurement method for highest precision easurement range 0 … 10 mΩ/30 mΩ/100 mΩ/300 mΩ M V oltage measurement 0 … ±5 V DC/±60 V DC T emperature measurement 0 °C … +100 °C P C software for intuitive parameterization/configuration Our focus is on quality and efficiency I ncreased productivity with very short measuring times L ow installation costs, space-saving and subsequently expandable Increased or different internal resistances in individual cells have serious effects on the whole battery pack, leading to shorter battery lifespan, premature capacity loss, and greater heat generation. Measurement solutions from burster help you prevent this in advance! burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Tel. (+49) 07224-645-0 Qualitative information on electrode properties and electrolyte thanks to combined AC/DC internal

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