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Direct line: +49 7224 645-18 Warranty: 24 months UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE DigiVision Highlights Automatic device detection Parametrization of instrumentation amplifiers and digital indicators M easure mechanical parameters G raphical and numerical display of measured values M ulti-channel capability: measurement channels and math channels M ultiple trigger functions for partial automation Applications R esearch and development DigiVision measurement mode, multi-channel view C alibration laboratory M echanical engineering M obile measurements T esting and inspection stations Product description DigiVision is the universal measurement and parameterization software for burster products. DigiVision gives you access to all functions needed to parameterize instrumentation amplifiers and digital indicators. S ensor-specific calibration S et limit values S elect measurement speed B ackup feature for device-specific data backup S ervice mode for setup (support) In measurement mode, multiple functions are available for recording and visualizing measurement data. Whether single-channel or multi-channel measurement, DigiVision can be optimally configured for your application. In addition to displaying and recording measurement data, live mathematical operations can be performed, for example power calculation for torque sensors with a speed signal. G raphical and numerical display of measured values DigiVision home screen U p to 16 measurement channels and 16 mathematical channels Automatic Excel export of measurement data M ultiple trigger functions for automated measurement data acquisition S oftware remote control via communication interface burster – Subject to technical changes without notice. All data sheets at

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DigiVision measurement software Compatible with the following products: Torque sensors: 8661, 8656, 8655, 8625, 8630, 8631 Instrumentation amplifiers: 9206, 9250/9251 (only parameterization) Digital indicators: 9163, 9180 Features Simultaneous measurement of up to 32 channels (16 measurement channels plus 16 mathematical channels; each measurement channel can be tared separately) Separate parameterization of each individual measurement channel Documentation of measurement data in Excel format Multiple naming options: e.g. "component", "batch", "serial number" via running counter Automatic...

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