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DC/DC Displacement Sensors Model 8740 Model 8741 with spring probe tip Model 8741 special version Integrated measuring amplifier, output 0 ... 5 V Potted electronics not susceptible to vibration or impact Special versions on request (see options) Inductive displacement sensors using the principle of the differential transformer (LVDT) can be used to measure displacement and, indirectly, magnitudes that can be converted into displacements such as force, pressure, strain, torque, vibration and so forth. Thanks to the high quality of their measurements, their high protection and long service life, these sensors are used in many technologies (industry, research, development, etc.). Applications include measuring, controlling, regulating and monitoring both slow and fast movements between machine parts, measurements of position and positional changes of components and structural foundations, servo regulators, valve and robot controllers, growth measurements and so on. These inductive displacement sensors with integrated electronics incorporate a differential transformer and a carrier frequency measuring amplifier, potted and protected by a stainless steel housing. The differential transformer consists of one primary winding and two secondary windings; these are arranged symmetrically on either side of the primary winding. The integrated electronics demodulates, filters and amplifies the AC voltage induced in the secondary windings. A rod-shaped core is able to move inside the differential transformer. As an output, the sensor delivers a DC voltage whose magnitude proportionally depends on the position of the moveable core inside the sensor. Their design is robust - the internal coils and electronics are potted - as a result of which the sensors can easily withstand shock and vibration. This makes the sensors also suitable for mobile applications (e.g. in vehicles) and for test installations where they will be subject to many test cycles. Model 8740 incorporates a freely moveable, non-sprung core with two sliding Teflon rings that center the core in the hole through the body of the sensor. At the end of the moving rod is an M2 thread that can be used to couple the core mechanically to the object being measured. Any lateral force acting on the rod should be avoided. The moveable rod of model 8741 is mounted on ball bearings. A spring holds the tip of the probe against the object being measured. This version is advantageous when it is difficult or entirely impractical to implement a mechanical coupling. Once again, lateral forces will shorten the service life. The measuring side of the sensor is protected against pollution and splash water by a bellows. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 . Gernsbach 76593 . Phone +49-7224-6450

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Dimensional drawing Model 8740 with optional fastening thread (V302 - see options on page 3) Order Code * To protect the ball bearing guides, sensors with this measuring range have a sealing lip instead of the bellows. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at Dimensional drawing model 8741-5050 The CAD drawing (3D/2D) for this sensor can be imported online directly into your CAD system. Download via or directly at For further information about the burster traceparts cooperation refer to data sheet 80-CAD-EN. burster...

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Electrical values Excitation voltage (protected against polarity reversal): 9 ... 28 V DC Fig. 1 Current consumption: Output voltage (standard): Ripple of output voltage: Internal carrier frequency: Output resistance: Load resistor: Environmental conditions Range of operating temperature: Range of nominal temperature: Influence of temperature*: * with reference to the rated temperature range Mechanical values Linearity deviation: Variation in unchanged mounting position: Material: Protection class: according to EN 60529 < 30 mA 0 ... 5V approx. 20 mVeff 12 kHz 1 kQ recommended >1 MQ < 0.25%...

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Special versions (by request) Sensor with radial cable outlet Option V606 The radial cable outlet allows to use the space behind the sensor for other purposes. Sensor with mounting thread Option V302 The unit can be fastened easily and without strain using the mounting thread and the 2 supplied nuts. Application example 90° angled connector Model 9900-V557 Various alignment options and the housing thread permit easy adjustment of the sensor during mounting. Low-friction wheels Balanced weight In a water bath a structured, metallic mesh is squeezed to a small diameter. The metallic mesh...

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