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Delivery: ex stock | Warranty: 24 months Precision Torque Sensor rotating, contactless MODEL 8656 Highlights M easurement ranges of 0 ... 1 N·m to 0 ... 100 N·m V ery short design Output signal 0 ... ±10 V Options S peed and angle measurement with resolution of up to 400 increments U SB port including software Applications E nd-of-line test benches R esearch & development M achinery and plant engineering E lectric motor test S uitable for use in all types of test bench Very short design Product description Small measuring range Large measuring range The very short torque sensor model 8656 is contactless constructed. The torque is recorded by the torsion of the shaft using the strain gauge principle. Thanks to the inductive and optical transmission of the signals, the sensor is maintenance-free, the signals are digitized directly on the shaft and made available by the evaluation electronics as a voltage signal or via USB. Thanks to the high-quality, up to 10,000 rpm is possible. The direction of rotation can be seen from the potential of the output voltage, clockwise rotation corresponds to positive output voltage, counterclockwise rotation the voltage level is negative. The shaft is equipped with keyways in every measuring range, matching keys are included. If a key connection is not required, the key can be omitted. The torque is matched with suitable couplings, we recommend model 8690, safely transmitted. To record the speed and angle of rotation, the sensor can optionally be equipped with an incremental disc with 400 increments. This speed / angle signal is available as a TTL output signal. The free DigiVision software is available in connection with USB, alternatively drivers for LabVIEW and DASYLab are ready for download. Connection cables in various lengths, metal bellows couplings and mounting brackets are available for integration in customer-specific systems. burster Sensors and Process Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at www.burster.c

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Relative non-linearity Relative hyst eresis Electrical values Rated supply voltage range DC power consumption Output voltage at ± rated torque Output resistance Insulation resistance Update rate Ripple Control signal Environmental conditions Range of operating and nominal temperature Sensitivity of temperature effects Mechanical values Dynamic overload safe Max. operation torque Breakaway torque Alternating load Maximum limit axial load Maximum limit radial load on the zero point 0.015 % F.S./K on the sensitivity 0.015 % F.S./K recommended 70 % of nominal torque Spring constant Mass moment...

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Dimensional drawing Measurement side Measuring range* For detailed dimensions you can find sensor CAD data on our website burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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12-pin connector or mini USB with screw connection for configuration / measurement (option, USB connection cable included) Metal bellow couplings The mounting block has a central hole and special design allowing a range of options for reliable cable attachment. Two clips ensure the sensor is fixed securely. For further information please see accessories data sheet 8600-Z02X Couplings are necessary for correct installation. We recommend torsionally free metal bellows couplings to achieve an optimum compensation of misalignment. The couplings are characterized by their excellent torsional...

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Torque sensor with integrated rotational speed / angular displacement measurement 8656 torque sensors are optionally available with integrated rotational speed and angular displacement measurement. Two pulse channels with TTL level - channel A and channel B - are always available. For clockwise rotation (looking at the test side), channel A leads channel B with a phase shift of 90°. Only one pulse channel is needed for speed measurement. For angular displacement measurement (or direction detection), both channels need to be evaluated. To achieve the maximum angular resolution, four-edge...

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Order code Special calibration for clockwise or/and counter clockwise direction torque, in 20 % steps of range up and down DAkkS calibration certificate per DIN 51309, clockwise or/and counter clockwise torque, with eight steps spaced across the measurement range, increasing and decreasing. burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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Order Code Measuring Range Without angle/speed measurement Speed/angle measurement 400 increments Output signals ■ Output voltage 0 ... ±10 V ■ USB interface Rounded shaft ends with keyway burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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