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Code: Delivery: Warranty: Sensor Profibus Module For strain gauge and potentiometric sensors and analog standard signals ■ For force, pressure or torque measurement with strain gauge sensors, potentiometric displacement and angle sensors or standard signals ± 10 V ■ Resolution 16 bit, sample rate up to 1 kHz ■ 2 free configurable inputs e.g. reset, tare, etc. ■ Simple configuration via RS232 interface ■ Networking via Profibus DP up to 12 MBaud ■ Mean value, MIN/MAX memory, set point values, zero compensation via Profibus ■ DPV1 mode for parameterizing and backup via Profibus ■ Potential-free input via differential amplifier Application The newly developed sensor Profibus module model 9221 is predestined for the integration of various analog sensor output signals into complex, net worked and peripheral automation structures. This module finds its fields of application in the industrial automation technology as well as the test rig technology based on its secure and reliable transfer mode, the fast transfer speed and its simple construction. The inputs (e.g. PLC signal gauge) and outputs in addition to the external control allow a zero compensation by trigger via proximity switch or fast alerting on passing of set point values. Industrial type connection and mounting techniques enable the user the adaption and integration in the existing mechanical and electrical environment. The excellent quality of measurement together with the high grade capture of mean values also enable the application in research and development. The use of standardized Profibus protocols makes the connection an easy task for the programmer. Specific applications are found e.g. in: ► Complex gear and engine test rigs ► Weight definition in high-rack facilities ► Automotive industry ► Special equipment construction ► Packing industry ► Manufacturing technology ► Capture of various mechanical and physical values in test rigs Description The universal sensor Profibus module is well-suited for measurement of mechanical values such as e.g. force, torque, pressure, acceleration, displacement and angle. Strain gauge, potentiometric and standard signals may be captured and processed without problems. A powerful 16 bit A/D converter ensures a precise and fast processing of analog sensor signals. The module itself features a stable and precise sensor excitation voltage. The calibration and configuration data are memorized on an EEPROM, protected against zero voltage. The user friendly configuration software makes a simple conditioning of input signals and the setup of parameters on the module with regards to the PLC and Profibus parameters possible. The version DPV1 enables the parameterization and backup function via Profibus. Functions such as the arithmetical calculation of mean values, input signal filtering, zero adjustment, MIN/MAX memory and limits setpoint values can be realized with a speed of up to 12 MBaud via Profibus. Two potential-free and freely configurable digital inputs are available for the external PLC control (e.g. erase MIN/MAX memory, tare function). Two digital outputs can be defined as local limits switches for alerting functions. The bus-sided control of the sensor lines on fractures or short-circuits and the galvanic separation between the Profibus-ASIC and the Profibus connector belong to the standard features. The visualization of operating conditions such as bus connection, sensor-sided errors or active state of module are realized by three LEDs. The DIN standard mounting rail enables an easy installation into the control cabinet. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 . Gernsbach 76593 . Phone +49-7224-6450

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9221 EN - 2 Technical Data Connectable sensors Strain gauge Bridge resistance: 120 Q - 5 kQ Connection system: 6 wire Configurable characteristic, infinitely variable: < 1 mV/V ... 3 mV/V Semiconductor strain gauge sensitivity: 1 mV/V ... 4 000 mV/V Excitation voltage: Excitation current: Input impedance: Voltage metering Standard signal: Input impedance: Potentiometer Resistance: Excitation voltage: Excitation current: General amplifier data Power excitation: Accuracy: Temperature coefficient: Capacity: Frequency response: Internal fuses: Profibus Baud rate: automatic selection 9.6 kBaud...

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