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Precision RTD Simulator Code: 4530 EN 4530 EN ■ Simulation of Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100 and Ni1000 sensors ■ Accuracy 0.02 °C ■ Temperature scales ITS 90, IPTS 68 ■ Real Ohm simulation ■ Control manually or remotely via RS232/IEEE488/USB Converter Application The precision RTD simulator is used where measuring instruments or controlling means have to be examined or calibrated with high precision. The simulator is suitable for calibration laboratory and service-centers which need a computer-controlled resistance decade for the automation of calibration procedures. All standard platinum and nickel RTD can be simulated with very high accuracy according to scales ITS 90 or IPTS 68. Temperature regulators, transducers etc. often supply a pulsed signal current in order to reduce the self-heating of the RTD. Devices with electronic simulation of RTD are therefore inclined to swinging and do not operate with this application. Here, the advantage of the RTD simulator model 4530 becomes obvious as it can simulate the resistance sensor by real Ohm simulation without problems. Of course the RTD simulator can be used also as classical resistance decade. Description The equipment comes in a sturdy aluminium housing. The keyboard and display are located at the front panel. 2-, 3- and 4-wire connections are possible at the back side. Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100 or Ni1000 can be selected by simple menu navigation. In addition, the selection of temperature scales ITS 90 (DIN EN 60751) or IPTS 68 (DIN 43760) and two coefficients a = 0.385 (European) or a = 0.392 (US) is possible. After entry of the characteristic values the input of the temperature levels can be made very simple by the numeric keyboard. Presently set values are indicated in the display. Relays with low thermovoltage and stable foil resistances with very small temperature coefficients are the heart of the simulator. Technical changes reserved -Latest updates of data sheet always under burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg ■ Tel. +49-7224-6450 ■ Fax 64588 Talstr. 1-5 ■ DE-76593 Gernsbach ■ ■

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Technical Data Resistance simulation Range of temperature simulation: - 200 °C ... 850 °C Temperature scales: Pt sensors coefficient: Pt sensors standards: Ni sensors standards: Temperature Range Temperature Range It is possible to simulate feed line resistances of 10 Q and 20 Q. The accuracy of the resistances is 0.1 %. Range of resistance simulation: Temperature coefficient: Maximum power dissipation: Maximum current: Connection: Terminals: Remote control: Reaction time in remote mode: Power supply: Operating temperature range: - within the specifications Storage temperature range:...

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