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Delivery: ex stock | Warranty: 24 months Press Load Cell for hand and automatic operated presses MODEL 8451 Highlights Measuring ranges from 0 … 500 N up to 0 … 100 kN Non-linearity < 0,25 % F.S. Protection class IP65 / IP67 S implest mounting on press ram Robust construction with mechanical overload protection Applications F orces in component joining P ress-fitting B ending forces during material deformation C utting forces when severing materia F orces during stamping processes P unching forces for blanks B reak-out forces used in destructive testing Measuring ranges 0 ... 50 kN up to 0 ... 100 kN Product description The Load cell model 8451 has been developed for measuring the forces that occur during press operation. The internal measuring elements have a rugged design, which mean they can cope reliably with the steep force curves that are typical of press applications. They can be fitted or replaced quickly and easily on the press ram without the need for additional components around them. The force sensor is placed between the tool and the press ram and can thus measure the actual compression force directly in the axis of operation. The load cell measures the compression forces between the circular contact surfaces of plunger and tool. The pin on its top side and hole on its lower face are simply provided for mechanical fixing and centering the components correctly. The connecting cables are suitable for drag chains, designed for many movements and stably fastened in the sensor housing. Attachments are available which clamp onto the press sensors to enable easy mounting of displacement sensors according to the circumstances of use. burster Sensors and Process Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at www.burster.

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Relative non-linearity* Characteristic curve deviation* Relative hysteresis Temperature effect on zero output Temperature effect on nominal sensitivity Electrical value Sensitivity nominal Measurement direction Compression direction Bridge resistance 350 Q nominal (deviations are possible) Excitation Insulation resistance Deflection full scale Maximum operating force Max. static load capacity Dynamic performance Material 120 % of nominal load (after that overload protection takes effect) Mounting fixing pin diameter Mounting receiving hole diameter Clamping screws for tool pin Mounting...

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Dimensional drawing 1 – Measuring ranges from ≤ 0 ... 2 kN | from ≤ 0 ... 450 lbs Ø 25 Option Standardization, TEDS Cable extension Contact surfaces for force transmission Dimensional drawing 2 – Measuring ranges from ≥ 0 ... 5 kN up to ≤ 0 ... 20 kN | from ≥ 0 ... 1.1 klbs up to ≤ 0 ... 4.5 klbs Ø 25 Contact surfaces for force transmission Option Standardization, TEDS Cable extension Dimensional drawing 3 – Measuring ranges from ≥ 0 ... 50 kN | from ≥ 0 ... 11.25 klbs Ø 43 Contact surfaces for force transmission Option Standardization, TEDS Cable extension burster Sensors and Process...

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Output signal burster load cells are based on a strain-gage Wheatstone bridge. This measurement principle means that the output voltage mV/V is highly dependent on the sensor supply voltage. Our website contains details of suitable instrumentation amplifiers, indicator and display devices and process instruments. burster TEDS TEDSI The "burster Transducer Electronic Data Sheet" (TEDS) is a memory in which identification data of the sensor, calibration data and other sensor parameters are saved. In conjunction with your own suitable burster device, there is the option of performing a simple...

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Examples Example showing use of mounting parts to fit displacement sensor Model 5501-Z002 The displacement sensor is mounted on the press head. Its push rod rests on the bracket that is clamped onto the load cell. Example of a measuring chain Load cell 8451-6010-N0H0S000 Displacement sensor 8713-50 Connector plug 9900-V221 Fitting of plug 99005 Mounting parts 5501-Z002/5501-Z003 ForceMaster 9110-V0000 Analysis and configuration software 9110-P001 1> Displacement sensor e.g. Mode 8713-50 PLC sequence control function (optional) USB-Stick (optional) Mounting parts Typ 5501-Z002 Typ 5501-Z003...

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burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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Order Code Measuring range Delivery ex stock at short notice N 8 N ominal sensitivity/not standardized S tandardization at 0.8 mV/V (not possible for measuring ranges 0 ... 5 kN and 0 ... 10 kN) C onnection cable 1.7 m (with standardization in the cable 2 m) C onnection cable 3 m extended * C onnection cable 5 m extended * (with sens line) * shortened delivery time compared with cable length 3 m and 5 m in one piece O pen cable ends + 6 cm single wires 9 pins Sub-D connector model 9900-V209 9 pins Sub-D connector model 9900-V209 for 9163-V3xxxx 1 2 pins round connector model 9941 for...

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