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Delivery: ex stock | Warranty: 24 months Precision Tension and Compression Load Cell MODEL 8524 Highlights Measuring ranges from 0 ... 500 N up to 0 ... 200 kN N on-linearity 0.25 % F.S. Particularly versatile Cable suitable for drag chains and highly flexible Options Non-linearity 0.1 % F.S. E xtended temperature range of -30 ... +120 °C S tandardized nominal sensitivity 1.5 mV/V b urster TEDS O verload protection up to 5 times the nominal force P ull plate and rod end bearings Large measuring ranges Applications All areas of mechanical engineering Assembly and joining equipment Hydraulic presses Measurement of cable strengths Product description Medium measuring ranges (with accessories) Small measuring ranges The 8524 precision tension & compression load cell is a versatile sensor for highly accurate load measurements in diverse applications. Optimum measurement quality is achieved with the load cell mounted on a flat, hard and polished contact surface. This requirement does not apply to small measurement ranges of up to 0 ... 2 kN because three knife-edge bearings ensure that the sensor is seated securely. Our brochure „Load Cells“ explains how you can design parasitic loads out of your mechanical system. Through-holes in the outer flange are used for fastening the 8524 sensor to the system structure. The load is applied via the central blind threaded hole or optionally via a load button. Alternatively, a pull plate and even rod end bearings, if desired, can be attached to the sensor for equally easy measurement of purely tensile loads, for instance in Bowden cables or chains. The 8524 sensor is designed to measure static, quasi-static and dynamic compressive and/or tensile loads. Inside the sensor is an elastic membrane, on which are applied strain gages connected in a full Wheatstone bridge. If a tensile or compressive load is applied to the sensor, the ohmic resistance of the measuring bridge changes and detunes the output signal in proportion to the measured load in mV/V. burster Sensors and Process Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at www.burster

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Measuring range calibrated in N and kN from 0 ... ±4.5 klbs ±11.2 klbs ±22.5 klbs ±45.0 klbs Accuracy Relative non-linearity* Characteristic curve deviation* Relative hysteresis Temperature effect on zero output Temperature effect on nominal sensitivity Electrical values Sensitivity nominal 1.6 mV/V Tension and compression direction. Load calibration in compression direction. The full-scale output is likely to be different when used in the tension direction. Measurement direction Standardization 1,5 mV/V (±0,25 %), option realized on an circuit board 48 x 7 mm (L x W) at the cable after 1.7...

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Data Sheet Model 8524 - 3

Dimensional drawing 1 – Measuring ranges from 0 ... ±0.5 kN up to 0 ... ±2 kN | from 0 ... ±112.4 lbs up to 0 ... ±449.6 lbs Option Standardization, TEDS Cable extension Metal tube Protection against buckling Shrinking tube Knife-edge bearings Dimensional drawing 2 – Measuring ranges from 0 ... ±5 kN up to 0 ... ±10 kN | from 0 ... ±1.1 klbs up to 0 ... ±2.2 klbs Option Standardization, TEDS Cable extension Protection against buckling Metal tube Shrinking tube Dimensional drawing 3 – Measuring ranges from 0 ... ±20 kN up to 0 ... ±50 kN | from 0 ... ±4.5 klbs up to 0 ... ±11.2 klbs Option...

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Data Sheet Model 8524 - 4

Measuring range from 0 ... Central blind threaded hole T Number of clearing holes in Ø Dimensional drawings General tolerance of dimension Installation Intended mounting screws Tightening torque mounting screws (when used in tension direction) Mounting screws resistance 12.9 or higher The entire bearing area of the sensor must be mounted on a base which is hardened (60 HRC), flat, polished or better lapped. Counter bores in compliance with DIN 74-km, in compliance with DIN 912 head cap screws Installation instructions Electrical termination Output signal burster load cells are based on a...

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Data Sheet Model 8524 - 5

Options Overload protection in compression direction Example for measuring range 0 ... 20 kN The optional overload protection guards a load cell against damage under a static load that exceeds the safe load (150% of the rated load). The overload protection is available up to the measurement range of ≤ 20 kN. Protection is achieved via a mechanical stop, which limits the measurement displacement of the sensor (to about 80 µm). The overload protection contains additional holes for mounting on a fixed system structure, which then allows the transmission and measurement of tensile loads as...

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Data Sheet Model 8524 - 6

Accessories Rod end bearings The 8524 load cell can be optionally supplied with a rod end bearing. In combination with a pull plate (see option), up to two rod end bearings can be used. Rod end bearings ensure optimum load application when the sensor is used in the tension direction. In addition, they can compensate for slight misalignment in the compression direction. Rod end bearings with external thread O ptimal force introduction C ompensation of misalignments V ery high dynamic und static load capacity M aterial: stainless steel T emperature range: - 45 °C to + 120 °C PTFE insert,...

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Data Sheet Model 8524 - 7

Compatible for measuring range from 0 ... Installation Tightening torques Other Mass Order Code Connectors 9941 Connectors 12 pin, suitable to all burster desktop units Connectors 9 pin, suitable to SENSORMASTER, DIGIFORCE® and TRANS CAL Connectors 9 pin with TEDS Connectors 8 pin, suitable to ForceMaster Mobile measuring device with strain gage simulator and sensor test (Ri, Ra, Shunt, RISO) Sensor electronics, amplifier and process control units like digital indicator model 9180, model 9163, modular amplifier model 9250 or DIGIFORCE® model 9307 Calibration Test and calibration certificate...

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Data Sheet Model 8524 - 8

Order Code Measuring range Delivery ex stock at short notice N 8 N ominal sensitivity/not standardized onnection cable 1.7 m (Standardization 2 m) C onnection cable 3 m extended * C onnection cable 5 m extended * (with sens line) C * shortened delivery time compared with cable length 3 m and 5 m in one piece O pen cable ends + 6 cm single wires 9 pins Sub-D connector model 9900-V209 9 pins Sub-D connector model 9900-V209 for 9163-V3xxxx 1 2 pins round connector model 9941 for burster desktop devices 9 pins Sub-D connector with burster TEDS model 9900-V229 8 pins coupling connector model...

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