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Delivery: ex stock | Warranty: 24 months Miniature Bending Beam Tension and Compression Load Cell MODEL 8510 Highlights M easuring ranges from 0 ... 1 N up to 0 ... 20 N, 0 ... 0.224 lbs up to 0 ... 4.4 lbs C ompact size Mechanical bidirectional overload protection Easy installation Special design upon request Options N on-linearity 0.075 % F.S. S tandardized nominal sensitivity b urster TEDS Applications C heck of switches and buttons (limit-, micro- and toggle-switches) Contact coupling and contact decoupling forces R ecording of frictional forces and spring characteristics Research and Development Product description The sensor element consists of a double bending beam with applied strain gages. Measurement direction Overload protection Changes in the ohmic resistance of the strain gage fullbridge caused by applied forces are converted into electrical voltages. The precise value (characteristic value) of the output voltage, resulting from the application of a rated force to the sensor, is specified in the accompanying calibration protocol. The sensor has to be mounted by two screws on the cable side. The opposite side is meant to receive applied forces (loads). Once the rated stress or strain is exceeded by 20 %, further deflection of the bending beam is prevented by an integrated, mechanical stop. This protects the sensor element against permanent deformation. Sensor attachment Bending protection burster Sensors and Process Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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Relative non-linearity* Characteristic curve deviation* Relative hysteresis Temperature effect on zero output Temperature effect on nominal sensitivity Electrical values Overload protection Dynamic performance* Intended mounting screws Tightening torque mounting screws Mounting screws Two clearance holes designed to accommodate M3 screws are provided for mounting the sensor. On the opposite on the lying side there is a hole for attaching a suitable receptacle for force application. (e.g. a load button or touch finger). For high quality force measurements, lateral forces and moments are...

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Electrical termination Output signal burster load cells are based on a strain-gage Wheatstone bridge. This measurement principle means that the output voltage mV/V is highly dependent on the sensor supply voltage. Our website contains details of suitable instrumentation amplifiers, indicator and display devices and process instruments. burster TEDS TEDSI The "burster Transducer Electronic Data Sheet" (TEDS) is a memory in which identification data of the sensor, calibration data and other sensor parameters are saved. In conjunction with your own suitable burster device, there is the option...

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Order Code burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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5 | 8510 burster Order Code Measuring range Nominal sensitivity/not standardized ' temperature range limited to 0 ... +60 °C Connection cable 1.7 m (Standardization 2 m Connection cable 3 m Connection cable 3 m extended * Connection cable 5 m extended * (with sens line shortened delivery time compared with cable length 3 m and 5 m in one piece *** temperature range limited to 0 ... +60 °C ** The data in the area 20 % - 100 % of rated load Fnom Note Brochure Our brochure „Load cells for production, automation, R&D and quality assurance" is available for download on our website. It conatains...

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