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Delivery: ex stock | Warranty: 24 months Tension Compression Load Cell MODEL 8435 Highlights M easuring ranges from 0 ... 200 N up to 0 ... 5000 N S mall dimensions I nexpensive execution S table anti-kink protection M ade of high quality stainless steel C onnecting cable suitable for drag chains Options P ull-plate L oad introduction button b urster TEDS V arious cable lengts available Applications H olding forces on loading machinery A utomatic assembly equipment on production lines F riction force test in laboratory equipment Product description With load introduction button for With pull-plate for measuring measuring ranges up to 2 kN ranges up to 2 kN The tension and compression load cell model 8435 enables universal and fast installation, requires hardly any installation space and upgrades with technical data that are readily achieved by larger sensors. Due to its excellent price-performance ratio with regard to its mechanical and electrical data, the force sensor finds its place in products that are also manufactured in larger quantities and calculated with a small budget. This model of load cell uses proven strain gage technology to perform measurements. Strain gages are applied to the sensitive element and connected to form a full bridge. The electrical resistance of this full bridge increases with the load acting on it, so that the bridge supplies an output voltage proportional to the measurement variable. This model allows the force application of two kinds: compression via the load application button and tension via the centric internal thread. The measurement range of 0 ... 5000 N is supplied exclusively with the integrated load application button. The sensor has to be mounted on a level surface using screws fitted through the three bore holes in the outer ring. To achieve the highest possible measurement accuracy, the sensor should not be subject to lateral forces. A strain-relief and an anti-bend mechanism for the connection cable are integrated in the sensor housing. burster Sensors and Process Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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Tension and compression direction. Calibration and positive signal in compression direction. Compression direction. Calibration in compression direction 0.8 mV/V (±0.25 %), option realized on an circuit board 48 x 7 mm (L x W) at the cable after 1.7 m from sensor or 0.3 m from cable end recommended: 50 % of capacity maximum: 70 % of capacity The entire bearing area of the sensor must be mounted on a base which is hardened (58 HRC), flat, polished or better lapped. Three clearance holes with a diameter of 3.2 mm at reference diameter 23.0 mm and division 120°. One hole is across from the...

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Dimensional drawing – Measuring range 0 ... 5000 N | 1124.0 lbs Dimensional drawing – Measuring range ≤ 0 ... 2000 N | 450.0 lbs Installation example Overload of the load cell is impossible due to a suitable spring. When the units are locked the spring will transfer not more load to the cell than the measuring range can cope with. burster Sensors and Process Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at www.burste

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Output signal burster load cells are based on a strain-gage Wheatstone bridge. This measurement principle means that the output voltage mV/V is highly dependent on the sensor supply voltage. Our website contains details of suitable instrumentation amplifiers, indicator and display devices and process instruments. burster TEDS TEDSI The "burster Transducer Electronic Data Sheet" (TEDS) is a memory in which identification data of the sensor, calibration data and other sensor parameters are saved. In conjunction with your own suitable burster device, there is the option of performing a simple...

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burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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burster Sensors and Process Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at

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Order Code Measuring range Delivery ex stock at short notice Nominal sensitivity/not standardized Connection cable 1.7 m (with standardization in the cable 2 m) Connection cable 5 m Connection cable 3 m extended * Connection cable 5 m extended * (with sens line ‘ shortened delivery time compared with cable length 3 m and 5 m in one piece Note Brochure Our brochure „Load cells for production, automation, R&D and quality assurance" is available for download on our website. It conatains numerous applications, detailed product specifications and overviews. Product videos Watch our How-to-do...

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