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Pedal Load Cell for pedal operating forces Model 8400-B001 Code: Delivery: Warranty: Application With its flat construction this force sensor is specially designed to be fitted to a pedal. By this, the operator's forces for each respective action, for example brake tests, can be measured directly and the reaction of the vehicle or machine can be designated. This applies to real test drives, as well as in driving simulators. Due to the special construction of the membrane, it is irrelevant whether an upright or hanging pedal is concerned. The sensor is designed in a way that unavoidable lateral forces have as little impact on the measurement result as possible. Using a central internal thread on the control surface, various machine-related adaptor parts can be easily mounted. Because the pedal is convex-shaped on its surface, the pedal force sensor has a very rigid base plate and therefore can easily be applied to various geometrics. The mounting can even take place on a pedal with an elastomer covering. ■ Very flat design ■ Insensitive to forces traverse to the operating direction ■ Easy changeable, ergonomical operating plate ■ Temperatures from -40 °C to 120 °C ■ In combination with TRANS CAL 7281, can be used portably and network-independent ■ Option: available as dual range version Description With a height of only 17 mm, this sensor is particularly flat and, in its assembled state, does not interfere with the operation task of the pedal. Additionally, its diameter of less than 60 mm makes this sensor suitable for almost all forms of pedals. The sensor is screwed together in a safe and stable way with a suitable bracket which goes under the pedal. Due to various pedal designs, this bracket is not included in the delivery scope and has to be manufactured separately to fit to the pedal. The connection cable is specially protected, it sturdily holds using PG cable glands and is suitable for robots: Therefore lots of movements in realistic, dirty and damp areas are guaranteed. On the measurement membrane in addition to its stable mechanics several bridges formed by strain gauges protect the sensor from additional transverse forces. The operator provides, from personal factors such as foot position, habits or various shoes, inevitably off-centre forces on the operating part of the sensors, which need to be compensated. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 Gernsbach 76593 Phone +49-7224-6450

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Technical Data Order Code Electrical values by a circuit board in the cable, 10 cm before the cable end of 1 kN Calibrator resistor: 100 kQ Environmental conditions Nominal temperature range: - 30 °C ... + 60 °C Range of operating temperature: - 30 °C ... + 80 °C Influence of temperature on zero: 0.02 % F.S./K Influence of temperature on sensitivity: 0.02 % F.S./K Mechanical values Accuracy: Kind of measurement: Deflection: Overload safe: Overload: Dynamic load erecommended: possible: Material: relative non-linearity 0.5 % F.S. acc. to VDE 2638 load cell > 80 |jm 150 % of capacity 250 % of...

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