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burster Battery Measuring Module AC/DC-IR measurement for 100% checking of battery cells in automation systems MODEL 2511 Preliminary data sheet EtherCAT."'" Highlights ■ Internal resistance ranges: 10 ... 300 mQ ■ Frequency ranges: 1kHz, 100 Hz, 10 Hz, 1 Hz ■ Resolution: up to 0.01 pQ ■ Single to multi-channel applications, temperature measurement via PT100 ■ Accuracy: from ±0.2 % of reading ±0.4 % d.A. ■ Measuring and evaluation results in a few milliseconds ■ Compact design, state of the art interfaces ■ Voltage measurement: 0 ... ±5 VDC ■ Flexible fieldbus integration with EtherCAT or PROFINET Options Desktop device with display Wall mounting Top hat rail mounting Areas of application Quality assurance of battery cells Sorting processes Display device Multi-channel system with top-hat rail Internal resistance measurement Effect on electrolytes detectable Internal resistance measurement Effect on electrode detectable Product description The 2511 battery measuring module is particularly suitable for fast, multi-channel measurement of battery cells in automation systems. The device operates in accordance with the well-tried four-conductor measuring method, and combines the functionality of a battery tester and a battery analyzer, making it possible to carry out rapid testing of batteries irrespective of the technology. Fast measurement and evaluation of important parameters takes place in just a few milliseconds (73 ms). The testing can be carried out with individually adjustable parameters. The device corresponds with the latest CE directives, and is designed for laboratory operation and also for deployment under harsh industrial conditions in automation systems. The variable fieldbus interfaces enable flexible process integration. Fully automatic testing can be carried out in this way. Open circuit voltage measurement Temperature measurement burster - Technical changes reserved. All data sheet at

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Measuring range Resolution Measuring error Temperature recording Measuring ranges Resolution Measuring error Material Dimensions (WxHxD) 0 ... 100 °C 0.1 °C 0.1 °C via external PT100 sensor 0 ... ±5 VDC 1 pV from ±0.01 % d.A. ± 0.005 % of reading Aluminum 104 x 54.6 x 120 mm Operating modes and measuring times PROFINET, PT100, measuring inputs, USB 11. 30 VDC, galvanic isolation, inverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection PROFINET, EtherCAT 0 °C ... +50 °C 10 °C ... +70 °C 0 ... 70 % non-condensing 4 rubberized feet (fitted as standard) Wall mounting (accessory only for panel...

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Principle of operation Battery measuring module model 2511 is optimized for rapid testing of cells. It operates in accordance with the well-tried four-conductor method (Kelvin connection) and has 4 connections for impedance measurement: 2 cables for supplying the test current and 2 cables for the voltage measurement. The battery tester works as a current sink. It draws a relatively small DC current IDC from the test object (battery cell) in relation to the load current, converts this into an AC current IAC, applies this to the test object (battery cell) and measures the resulting voltage...

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16-channel high-speed application - 100 % monitoring in vehicle battery module received goods checking Many battery cells are required to manufacture and install high-performance battery modules for electric vehicles. In the received goods checking area, important battery parameters of each individual cell must be reliably measured and evaluated within very short cycle times. After contacting the prismatic cells, the internal resistance with 1 kHz and the cell and module voltage of all 16 cells are measured and evaluated within approx. 0.5 s with the cascad-able battery measuring module and...

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DigiControl PC software The innovative, intuitively operated PC software for battery measuring module 2511 is used wherever diagnoses, battery condition determination or target/actual comparisons are to be carried out on battery cells. Convenient device configuration via USB interface Management/configuration of different operating modes Backup of settings Measurement data logging Entry of test object designations for measurement data logging Exporting the measurement data in an Excel file or as plain text Evaluation of the measuring results Single cell holder Model 2500-Z001 The round cell...

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Generate order code Standard Fieldbuses EtherCAT burster - Technical changes reserved. All data sheet at

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