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Delivery: 3 weeks | Warranty: 24 months burster RESISTOMAT® for high-speed resistance measurement in automation MODEL 2311 Preliminary data sheet Highlights ■ Measuring ranges of 20 mQ ... to 200 kQ ■ Resolution up to 1 pQ ■ Measurement accuracy < 0.03 % of reading ■ High-speed measurements from 10 ms/measurement, including evaluation ■ Temperature compensation for all materials ■ Thermoelectric voltage compensation ■ 32 adjustable measuring programs ■ Dry circuit measurement following DIN IEC 512 Options Flexible fieldbus integration with EtherCAT, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP 24 V/DC control cabinet module without display 24 V/DC desktop device with display Areas of application Resistance measurement of fuses or heating wire coils Resistance determination of solenoid coils Plug contacts and mechanical switches Determination of transitional resistances Ethen 'et/IP SSSSF EtherCAT^ Front side control cabinet module Product description The RESISTOMAT® model 2311 has been designed and optimized for high-speed applications in automation systems. Up to 100 measurements per second can be achieved. It works on the basis of the well-tried four-wire measurement method in which test-lead resistances and contact resistances are eliminated. The instrument leads are monitored for damage by a built-in open circuit detector. A 2-way and 4-way comparator with switching outputs is available for classifications and selections. Of course, temperature compensation is available for any test object material. Specific temperature coefficients can be entered. Temperature recording takes place using a PT100 sensor or a temperature transmitter (pyrometer) with an analog output. A special circuit for protecting the measurement input when measuring inductive test objects has been developed to prevent damage to the meter from voltage peaks produced when the test object is disconnected. A special area of application is the measuring of contact resistances (dry circuit measurement), since the load voltage is limited to 20 mV in order to avoid so-called "fritting" (DIN IEC 512). All device settings can be individually stored in up to 32 measuring programs. Of course, all device settings can also be made via the Ethernet, USB (default) or fieldbus interfaces (optional). Up to 900 measurements per measuring program can be stored using the integrated data logger. burster - Technical changes reserved. All data sheet at

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Technical data Measuring parameters Measuring range from 0 ... Resolution Large/small measuring current Measuring error (with temperature compensation disabled) Measurement modes Measurement recording Internal data logger, USB stick, interfaces Measuring range Resolution Measuring error Temperature recording Temperature compensation 10 different temperature coefficients can be selected and individually set Temperature measurement (pyrometer) Measuring range Resolution Measuring error Temperature recording Input signal Temperature compensation 10 different temperature coefficients can be...

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Display measuring mode Rear view with connections Control cabinet module with mounting rail Panel mounting burster - Technical changes reserved. All data sheet at

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DigiControl PC software The full version of the DigiControl software contains the following features for the RESISTOMAT® model 2311: Convenient parameterization of the 32 measurement programs Copy programs Backup of device settings (download) Print device settings Command line for service purposes Measurement export/storage in a Excel file Manual calibration of the RESISTOMAT® 2311 Measurement polling (data logging) triggerable under time control and externally via the device Printout of a measurement report with flexible design options Readout, display and storage of the cooling curve in a...

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Generate order code burster - Technical changes reserved. All data sheet at

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