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Incremental Rotation Sensor Rotary speed sensor, angle displacement sensor Degree of protection IP65, all-around High resistance to interference Rotary speed sensor Q Angular displacement sensor 360 pulses/turn (standard) Detection of rotation direction (channels A and B) Reference pulse (channel N) Special versions on request (higher pulse rate, TTL output etc.) Application Incremental rotation sensors are used wherever displacement, positions or speeds have to be measured accurately. They are therefore important interfaces between the mechanical and electronic parts of a machine. Mechanically robust, electrically reliable and resistant to extreme ambient conditions; these are the outstanding properties offered by this sensor. Typical applications include: ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Machine tools Wood and plastic machining Textile machines Lifts Door systems Paper machines Drive equipment Assembly and handling equipment Packaging machines Scales Test machines Conveying equipment Doors and gates Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at Description Model 8821 rotation sensor generates rectangular electrical pulses when the shaft is turned. An encoder disk is coupled to the shaft which is carried on 2 ball bearings. The light from an infrared diode passes through the encoder disk and the diaphragm disk (which is only present on the angle sensors). The signals picked up by light-sensitive sensors are processed to yield rectangular signals. The aperture disk generates an offset in the pulse sequences (only on angle sensors). Angle sensor The rectangular pulses are output from channels A and B with a displacement of a quarter of a pulse (90°). This displacement allows the evaluation electronics to detect the direction of rotation. Electrical faults and vibrations do not lead to incorrect counts. An early warning output indicates that the light intensity is weakening. After this, the sensor can still be operated for some thousands of hours before it fails. A reference pulse, N, is also output. This is a single pulse for each rotation. burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 . Gernsbach 76593 . Phone +49-7224-6450 i

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Technical Data Dimensional drawing model 8821 Electrical values Range of excitation voltage UB: standard 10 ... 30 V DC (optional 5 V DC, refer to order code) Current consumption: max. 100 mA Outputs: Channel A : speed sensor pulse Channel A and B : angle displacement sensor pulse Channel N : reference pulse (angle displacement sensor) Max current : max. 40 mA Pulse level : H > UB - 2.5 V DC : L< 2.5 V DC Pulse frequency : max. 200 kHz Protection against polarity reversal. Early-warning system: The output is LOW, if the light source has lost approx. 90 % of its luminosity (NPN OC, max. 30...

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