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Delivery: ex stock / 4 weeks Digital Display For strain gauge units, potentiometers, DC/DC sensors and standard signals Model 9180 Application Model 9180 supports force, pressure and torque sensors operating on the strain gauge principle, as well as the connection of position and angle sensors in potentiometer or DC/DC configuration. It also allows the measurement of process signals ± 1 V/ 5 V/ 10 V or 0 ...1 mA, 0(4) ... 20 mA. The current measured value is indicated on the 14 mm high LED main display, while a second display located directly below provides a reading of the peak value. The display is particularly suitable for highly accurate measurements due to the high accuracy of 0.1%. It is also possible to monitor up to 4 limit values and provide the results via relay or transistor outputs. Thus the process value display can be used for classification, process and control tasks. The current measured value is frozen on the display by activating an external HOLD signal. The TARE function is useful for balancing out previous loads for example. The optional serial interface can be used to transfer measured values and perform device settings. Powerful PC software is available for this on request. Panel-mounted version ■ Up to 8 sensor parameters can be saved (optional) ■ For force, pressure or torque measurements using strain gauge sensors ■ For distance or angle measurements with potentiometer or DC/DC sensors ■ Processing of standard signals ± 1 V/ 10 V/ 0 ... 1 mA, 0 (4) ... 20 mA ■ Min. or max. peak values via an additional display ■ TARE and HOLD function ■ Generation of up to 4 limit signals (optional) ■ RS232 or RS485 (optional) ■ Analog output (optional) ■ Measurement accuracy < 0.1 % ■ Scaling possible using teach-in procedure or by entering sensor data directly ■ Convenient configuration and evaluation software DigiVision Description State-of-the-art microprocessor technology has allowed the realization of numerous special functions for practical use. Menu guidance of device setup is standard. Self-explanatory abbreviations greatly facilitate this process so that even inexperienced users can manage without operating instructions. First, the user specifies the type of input signal or sensor. Strain gauge, potentiometer or process signals 0 ...1 mA, 4 ...20 mA or ± 1 V, ± 10 V as well as DC/ DC sensors can be selected. Then the calibration process is selected. Users can choose between teach-in or calibration depending on the sensor protocol. The decimal point can be moved as required. The sensor excitation stated in the technical specifications is set automatically upon selection of the sensor type except with process signals. A choice of three excitations is available for process signals. Complete electrical isolation of the measurement channel prevents measurement values from being falsified by ground loops. Technical changes reserved. All data sheets at burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg Germany Talstr. 1-5 ■ Gernsbach 76593 ■ Phone +49-7224-6450

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9180 EN - 2 Technical Data Connectable sensors Strain gauge Connection system: Bridge resistance: Bridge voltage: Sensor excitation: Potentiometer Track resistance: Sensor excitation: Desktop version: Dimensions (W x H x D): 155 x 90 x 210 mm Housing material: metal/plastic 4 wire 120 ... 1000 Q selection via menu automatic Standard signals, DC/DC sensors and transmitters Voltage input: ± 1 V/ ±10 V Electrical connection Panel-mounted version: Desktop version: Power supply Desktop version: Panel-mounted version: Power consumption: 1)Switch over by means of a jumper snap-in plug connection...

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Measuring Data Acquisition and Evaluation Torque e.g. model 8661 networked measuring points Converter RS232/RS485 DigiVision 9180-P100 Configuration and Analysis Software Comfortable device finder n Instrument parameterization n Instrument data adopted automatically Creation of instrument groups n Report finder for location group reports and individual eg. scaling, limit settings Back-up function for instrument data Simultaneous display of up to 16 measurement channels Different measurement rates can be combined Different triggers can be set: global or channel-specific Archive viewer...

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Displays and Operating Panel Mains display for measurement value LEDs for relays status (optional) Additional display shows program steps) Keys for configuration, tare, limiting Auxiliary display for min, max or tare value Dimensions Mounting Cut-out in front panel 92 x 44 mm Fastening clips Front panel anel seal Rear Connection Clamping connection Multichannel Measurement Systems for any Numbers of Channels in Desktop Housing (please enquire) Back view: All sockets for sensors, control signals and serial interfaces are completely installed. Order Code Digital indicator Version model 9180 -...

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