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Delivery: ex stock | Warranty: 24 months High-Precision Multifunction Calibrator for Voltage, Current, Thermocouples, RTDs, Resistance and Frequency DIGISTANT® MODEL 4463 NEW Highlights D C voltage ±100 nV … ±100 V (accuracy from 0.002 %) D C current ±100 nA … ±50 mA (accuracy 0.005 % ±1 µA) 1 2 thermocouple types (accuracy from 0.1 K) 3 2 automatic ramp functions per measured variable, each with 100 values L abView driver for software integration Options R TD simulation Pt100 ... Pt1000, Ni100 ... Ni1000 U ser-specific RTD profiles T rue ohmic resistance simulation 10 Ω ... 300 kΩ F requency simulation 10 mHz ... 15 kHz F requency measurement 10 mHz ... 100 kHz Applications Initial calibration (DAkkS) included T esting DC voltage and current measuring devices T esting thermocouple and temperature measuring instruments C ontrolling process sequences using the ramp function C alibration of RTD and thermocouple displays C alibration of controllers, sensors and PLC analog inputs C alibration of multimeters and other devices Product description The DIGISTANT® model 4463 is a high-precision calibration source with impressive versatility and accuracy. Every device is supplied with a DAkkS certificate. Compared to other calibrators, it offers a better error limit of 0.002 % across the entire voltage range. Frontseite To achieve consistently high quality levels and conform to standards and regulations, measuring instruments of all kinds require regular calibration. The DIGISTANT® model 4463 provides many of the functions needed for this purpose. Inaccuracies caused by the measuring leads can be compensated via sense lines using 4-wire technology. All relevant information about the parameter settings and the accuracy being achieved is clearly laid out on the high-resolution color display. The dynamic menu system is navigated intuitively. Range selection is automatic or manual. Values can be entered precisely using the numeric or cursor keypad. The device can be controlled via its Ethernet, USB or RS-232 port. LabView drivers for software integration are available free of charge. SCPI commands are listed in the user manual. 32 ramp functions per range with 100 value/time sequences can be automatically saved and started. For thermocouples, scales including ITS-90 and IPTS-68, reference junction type constant or external, can be selected. An optionally available external Pt100 reference junction with calibration data taken into account in the device minimizes thermal EMFs and results in even smaller uncertainties in the measurement chain. burster Calibration Instruments – Technical changes reserved. All data sheet

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Technical Data DC voltage Range Resolution Accuracy (1 year) Maximum load Maximum load Thermocouple simulation Type Type Range Resolution External reference junction RTD simulation (only with -V0001) Type Range Resolution True ohmic resistance simulation (only with -V0001) Range Accuracy (1 year) Range Resolution Accuracy (1 year) Frequency output (only with -V0001) Range Accuracy (1 year) Range Resolution Accuracy (1 year) Output Open collector, max. 30 V/50 mA or internal pull-up 100 Ω to +5 V (±10 %) Frequency measurement (only with -V0001) 10 mHz ... 100 kHz Frequency resolution Ambient...

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General data Communication interface RS-232 (D-sub 9), USB slave port (type B), Ethernet Western socket (RJ45) Auxiliary supply Source main menu Description Measured variable Symbol for heating phase* Clock time *The symbol appears on the display when the device temperature is outside the rated temperature range. The specified accuracy cannot be guaranteed during the warm-up phase. Measurement mode Main value Softkeys Additional value Auxiliary and main parameters for all functions can be saved via the presets. Otherwise they would be lost when the device restarts. Startup (position 00)...

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Calibration certificate with accreditation symbol The initial calibration is included with the purchase of this product. We recommend a recalibration according to the recalibration deadlines specified. Further information at: DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle D-K-15141-01-00 burster calibration services according to the accredited scope of services Technical data DAkkS certificate for external reference junction type 4485-V001 At 3 points (0 °C, +23 °C and +40 °C). If the reference junction is DAkkS-calibrated with the integrated Pt100 sensor and the calculated...

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Fitted state Complete kit 4463-Z001 incl. 19"/5HE front panel, handles and 4 mounting profiles burster Calibration Instruments - Technical changes reserved. All data sheet at

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