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Simulation range -100 °C ... +500 °C Resolution 0.1 K Calibration in accordance to DIN EN 60751 Simulation of line resistance 10 Ω, 20 Ω or 30 Ω Sturdy aluminium-housing Wherever temperatures are measured, temperatures must also be simulated. The Pt100 simulator is suitable for a wide area of applications. It has a wide range of simulation, which is divided in 0.1 °C steps and makes many assignments in chemistry-, measuring-, controlling-, medicine and household applications, food industry, vehicle construction, air- and space travel and power plants easy to solve. In the past several simulators had often to be used alongside to achieve either resolution or the range of the relevant application. As an extra advantage to the user temperatures can be entered in degrees of celsius. Additional extensive conversions and readings in tabulation sheets are no longer necessary. There are five precision decade switches in a sturdy metal housing. The desired temperature value is selected in four steps with a 0.1 °C resolution in ranges from - 100 °C to max. 500 °C. According to DIN EN 60751 the precision resistors simulate the temperature values for the Pt100 resistor. The simulated temperature value is called on the output plugs "Rsim". If required, the line resistance of 10, 20 and 30 Ω can also be simulated. The celsius scale, displaced by 273.15 K against the absolute temperature requires that an additional switchover of polarity is performed at negative celsius temperature values. The simulator is high ohmic at wrongly entered + or - signs. An unintentional misuse is practically impossible. The switches are implemented in a short-circuit control manner. The precision resistors in the 100 °C decade will therefore be switched parallely at the moment of switch-over, in all other decade steps there is no effect at switch-over. The used resistor material MANGANIN® has a temperature coefficient smaller ≤ 10 ppm/K. This makes a consideration of the environmental temperature normally superfluous. Technical changes reserved Latest updates of data sheet always under burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg . Tel. +49-7224-6450 . Fax 64588 Talstr. 1-5 . DE-76593 Gernsbach . .

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Technical Data Order Information Simulation range: Resolution: Calibration: Error limit: Switches: - 100 °C ... + 500 °C 0.1 K according DIN EN 60751 ± 0.5 K 5 precision switches in very low-ohmic design, shorting switch mode Decade Pt100 simulator Model 4501 a test certificate with traceability confirmation part of delivery. Accessories Functional bag with carrying straps for protection and transport Model 4592 Temperature coefficient: ±(8 ■ 10-3 + 3 ■ 10-5 ■ t) ■ A ft [t = simulated temperature in °C, A ft = difference of surrounding temperature to 23 °C] Measuring current: max. 50 mA...

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