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Hundreds of round cells per vehicle are required in the manufacture and assembly of lithium-ion battery packs for pure electric vehicles. One battery module consists of 32 cells. Before a complete module is transferred to the downstream process, 100 % quality control is carried out for each cell during a parallel completion process. Key battery parameters are checked to rule out possible causes of failure in advance. Self-heating, capacity losses or accelerated aging processes could have a serious impact on battery lifespan or even cause a fire. 32 round cells are measured in just a few milliseconds per cell with burster series 2511 battery measuring modules. In addition to the open-circuit and module voltage, the four-wire measurement method is used to precisely record the real part of the complex impedance via combined AC/DC internal resistance measurement at 1 kHz and 10 Hz. This enables conclusions about the electrolyte quality and electrode properties. The respective measured values and evaluation results are transmitted to the higher-level control system in real time via a PROFINET interface. Measurement and evaluation parameters To achieve reproducible and reliable results, care must be taken that only a minimum area is enclosed between the U/I leads, and the measuring leads should be twisted until shortly before the test object. Precise positioning and consistent, stable contact force are of elementary importance in the connection and measurement process. Thanks to their very small dimensions (104 x 54.6 x 120 mm per unit), IP54 protection and low weight, the battery measuring modules are installed in the immediate vicinity of robots. Minimum enclosed area burster praezisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg ■ Tel. (+49) 07224-645-0 ■ ■

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The new series 2511 battery measuring module enables reliable, extremely fast, precise and highly efficient evaluation of key battery parameters in multi-channel applications. Highlights – performance features – customer benefits 1 00 % monitoring of cell electrolyte and electrode properties via AC/DC resistance measurement at 1 kHz, 10 Hz or only 1 kHz H igh-speed precise measurement and evaluation in just a few milliseconds E asy control system integration via fieldbus I deal for single-channel and multi-channel applications in fully automated plants, e.g. for incoming goods inspection or...

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