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BATTERY MEASURING TECHNOLOGY PIONEERING SOLUTIONS – MADE BY burster GLOBAL APPLICATIONS – ADVANCED IN ALL AREAS With the global increase in the use of high-quality and safety-critical battery cells in areas of e-mobility, energy storage or mobile standardized power tools and many more, battery measuring technology is becoming increasingly important in industrial automation for suppliers, plant manufacturers and machine builders. Reliable and traceable recording, evaluation and analysis of quality-related electrical parameters is increasing continuously, also because of the tremendous cost...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 3

THE BASICS OF ELECTRIC BATTERY MEASURING TECHNOLOGY The internal resistance of a battery cell is very frequency-dependent. As the frequency increases, this reduces and has reactive components (capacitive/inductive). With the individual or AC and DC internal measurement with previously defined frequencies (typically 1 kHz and 10 Hz) significant battery parameters such as the AC and DC resistance and the battery voltage (SoC charge condition) and the temperature are measured and evaluated in just a few milliseconds. Important battery parameters can be reliably and precisely recorded in a wide...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 4

OPEN CIRCUIT VOLTAGE MEASUREMENTS High-performance battery modules usually consist of many individual cells connected in parallel or series. Differences in the internal resistances lead to differentiated charging/discharging behaviour and can therefore have serious effects on operating behaviour, intrinsic heating and the associated ageing process. An increased internal resistance of a battery cell leads to more heating, which leads to acceleration of the ageing process and therefore faster reduction of the capacity. This reduces the service life of a battery. Number of test objects AC AND...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 5

KEEPING AN EYE ON MEASUREMENT ACCURACY PRACTICAL RELEVANCE WITH COMPETENCE AT A GLANCE MEASURED QUANTITIES FOR BATTERY TECHNOLOGY MEASURING, EVALUATING, ANALYSING burster battery measuring technology impresses with outstanding accuracy, long-term stability and ensures that the quality management is on the safe side. In addition to measurement technology specifications which influence the measuring accuracy of an impedance measurement, the ambient temperature, charge condition, cable routing, measuring environment and contacting play a major part with regard to the qualitative evaluation of...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 6

COMPACT FAST AC DC BUS-CAPABLE 5-CHANNEL FEATURES • Impedance measurement at 1 kHz, optionally also at 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz possible • Four-conductor measuring method for maximum precision • Resistance measuring range of 0 … 10 mΩ, 0 … 30 mΩ and 0 … 100 mΩ • Open circuit and module voltage measurement of 0 … 5 VDC/0 … 60 VDC • Temperature measurement –40 … 80 °C • Different operating modes/measurement parameters selectable • PC software for intuitive parametrisation and configuration via EtherNet/USB APPLICATION AREAS • Excellent for technology-independent test object formats such as 18650,...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 7

HIGH-VOLTAGE BATTERY CONTROLLER 2550 KEEPING AN EYE ON UNIVERSAL QUALITY BATTERY TESTER 2560 SAFETY – COMPACT AND FLEXIBLE The compact, universal battery controller is one of the world's first devices for measuring the spectral impedance of low and high voltage battery systems. Irrespective of the technology, batteries or accumulators can be tested in a reliable, fast and safe way. The extremely compact flexible battery tester model 2560 is a measuring device which is attractively priced and can be operated intuitively via PC software. Precise battery cells with different geometries can be...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 8

THE WHOLE WORLD OF MEASURING TECHNOLOGY FOR BATTERY PRODUCTION AND TESTING KNOW-HOW FROM A SINGLE SOURCE RESISTOMAT® 2311 INNOVATIVE RESISTANCE MEASURING TECHNOLOGY The new RESISTOMAT® 231 has been designed and optimised for very fast applications in automation. 1 High performance, combined with innovative functional features and exceptional precision, make it ideal for a wide range of tasks in peripheral areas of industrial battery module manufacturing, where 100 % process monitoring with real-time data transfer to higher-level controllers is required. HIGHLIGHTS • Extremely fast...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 9

DIGIFORCE® 9307, 9311 INTELLIGENT HIGH-END TECHNOLOGY INSTRUMENTATION AMPLIFIER 9250  FIELDBUS CONTROLLER 9251 PERFECT NETWORKING FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 DIGIFORCE® monitors and analyses processes in which precisely defined functional relationships need to be proven between two or more measured quantities of the process. Recording, visualisation and evaluation of the X/Y trend make continuous process control possible and also a very detailed analysis of series production-accompanying tests or development examinations. Contemporary automation solutions require networking capability, speed,...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 10

PRECISION FORCE, TORQUE, DISPLACEMENT AND PRESSURE SENSORS STANDARD AND CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC SENSOR SOLUTIONS DISPLACEMENT SENSORS • Measuring ranges from 0 … 1 mm to 0 … 2000 mm • Measuring accuracy of up to ±0.5 µm • Output 0 … 5/10 VDC, 4 … 20 mA, USB and TTL As one of the leading manufacturers of force, torque, pressure and displacement sensors, we provide you with pioneering ideas, consultancy know-how and smart solutions in all production and quality assurance processes. As well as innovative and proven standard products from miniature to large-scale versions, we also develop and...

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Battery Measuring Technology für Automation - 11

5 CHANNEL APPLICATION MATCHING OF BATTERY CELLS FOR LARGE-SCALE STORAGE APPLICATIONS AND USES IMPRESSIVE POWER 16-CHANNEL HIGH-SPEED APPLICATION – 100 % MONITORING IN VEHICLE BATTERY MODULE RECEIVED GOODS CHECKING Many round cells are often used in battery operated large-scale storage systems. Before these are installed, different battery parameters of each individual cell must be exactly and quickly measured and evaluated in order to achieve qualitative matching. The contacting of the round cells takes place using the four-conductor measuring method (for each current and voltage cable)....

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