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Pumpen | Probenehmer | Laborbedarf für Labor, Industrie und Wissenschaft Pumps | Sampling | Plastic Labware for Laboratory, Industry, Science TOPSELLERS SOLVENT PUMPS Volatile organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, formamide, ether, acetone or aromatic compounds have a powerful scent, may be hazardous to the environment and health and may cause explosive vapours. Professional equipment is therefore required when working with and handling these substances and special precautionary measures are necessary. Container and barrel pumps that are suitable for use with solvents must meet certain conditions. The chemical resistance of materials is an important point: the solvent must not attack or damage the materials. Stainless steels are suitable for this purpose, especially with PTFE seals. Solvents are volatile and readily form potentially explosive gaseous mixtures. To prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating in this atmosphere, pumps must be conductive so that they can be safely grounded with an anti-static set. It should also be possible to shut off the pumps completely so that no vapours outgas after filling. Bürkle offers a wide assortment of pumps for different containers and filling quantities that are especially suitable for filling solvents. Solvent pump foot operated Solvent pump foot operated for filling off high purity liquids such as solvents. All medium-contacting parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) and PTFE. Due to the barrel screw joint and the stopcock, the container and the pump can be hermetically sealed. Assessment of Ignition Risks, usable in: Zones 0 and 1 Explosion groups II A, II B ` Immersion tube can be steplessly adjusted to the barrel depth ` For barrels up to 220 litres ` Suitable for steel barrels with R 2” thread ` Thread adapter for commercially available containers and air filters for ultra-pure drawing-off available as accessory When withdrawing flammable liquids, the barrel and pump have to be grounded! Use Anti-static set! 1 Pump capacity approx. l/min Connector thread Discharge tube Discharge hose/stopcock

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TOPSELLERS Solvent pump hand operated Hand-operated solvent pump for contaminationfree removal of organic solvents and flavouring agents. The hand pump works according to the overpressure principle. An excess pressure is built up in the tank with the pump ball, forcing the liquid out of the container. Pouring flammable liquids All medium-contacting parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) and PTFE. The Bürkle anti-static set can be used to ground the pump for dispensing flammable liquids so that no electrostatic charge forms. Gastight version The pump can be completely closed off...

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Solvent pumps - 3

TOPSELLERS Mini solvent pump | reliable filling of small quantities The Mini solvent pump is a high-quality hand pump for small containers such as bottles, canisters and tanks up to about 10 litres. For reliable filling and dosing of solvents and readily flammable liquids. Simple principle – highly effective The hand pump works according to the excess pressure principle. In this way only the hose, pumping tube and discharge come in contact with the liquid being filled. To ensure safety, a pressure relief valve protects the solvent pump against excessive pressure build-up. High-quality...

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Withdrawal system for solvents Assessment of Igr Risks, usable in: ► Zones 0 and 1 ► Explosion groups II A, II B The withdrawal system can be used to dispense high-purity liquids quickly and without complications. An excess pressure is produced in the container with pressurised gas (compressed air or nitrogen), thereby pumping the liquid out of the tank. The advantage of operation using pressure gas is that the user can extract even large amounts without effort while having both hands free to dispense the solvent. The barrel screw connection and shut-off valves seal off the barrel and pump...

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