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Pumps | Sampling | Plastic Labware for Laboratory, Industry, Science TOPSELLERS SAMPLE TRANSPORT Packaging, Storage and Transport of Samples The same conditions that relate to the sampling equipment also a pply to packaging, storage, and transport of a sample. Here, too, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the packaging material and the risk of contamination from loose substances. The sample container is then labeled so that no mix-up can occur and taken to the laboratory – if necessary in coolers. Coolers with temperature monitors in which the ideal cooling t emperature is maintained, are recommended. Sampling bag SteriBag | the sterilized packaging bag The sterilized sampling bag SteriBag for samples in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, veterinary science and foodstuffs etc. The bags are made of polyethylene and are therefore exceptionally tearproof and leakproof. The SteriBag sampling bag is distinguished by its safe handling. When used according to instructions, samples are guaranteed sterile. Integrated safety: The tab-ends are sealed in plastic film to prevent skin injuries.    Sterile, RNase, DNase and pyrogen-free Can be labeled Leakproof Save space Transparent With practical closure to tear-open Proven millions of times Capacity ml (oz.) Model 60 (2.03) without labeling area 60 (2.03) with labeling area without labeling area with labeling area without labeling area with labeling area without labeling area with labeling area without labeling area with labeling area without labeling area with labeling area

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TOPSELLERS SteriBag StandUp sample bag SteriBag StandUp is a sterile sample bag with a stand-up base. The special bottom unfolds as soon as the bag is filled. This makes SteriBag StandUp stable and able to stand on its own without a separate stand or support, leaving both your hands free to take the sample and fill the bag. Can be used for samples available as liquids, powders, solids and pastes; suitable for foods and can be frozen. Stands stably Protected against discharge Sterile, RNase, DNase and pyrogen-free With labeling field Sampling bag SteriBag Blue The sterile sample bag is...

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TOPSELLERS SteriPlast ® Kit – sterile sampling set The sampling set SteriPlast ® Kit consists of ten sample spatulas or ten sample scoops and ten SteriBag Premium tamper-proof sample bags. Thus the SteriPlast ® Kit is the ideal combination for sampling where purity and sterility is essential. All parts are sterilised by gamma rays and suitable for use with foodstuffs. The scoops or spatulas are clean room manufactured and individually packed. The sample bag SteriBag Premium has an integrated sealing and is liquid-tight. A unique tracking code on both the bag and the tear-off field...

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Burkle Inc. USA 155 Keyland Court Bohemia, NY 11716 Phone +1 631 750-3772 | Fax +1 631 750-3773 Sample boxes, aseptic Sample box with tightly closing sealing cover. The lid can be opened with one hand and its hinge angle is 90°. Liquid/condensate in the lid runs into an absorbing groove integrated in the lid, nothing is lost, nothing can drip. The box is completely tight, has no crevices, is therefore easy to fill and can be emptied without residues. The sample box is produced under Capacity ml (oz.) 50 (1.69) 90 (3.04) 300 (10.14) aseptic conditions. It is autoclavable and suitable for...

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