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Food sampling - 1

Pumpen | Probenehmer | Laborbedarf fur Labor, Industrie und Wissenschaft Pumps | Sampling | Plastic Labware for Laboratory, Industry, Science TOP SELLERS FOOD SAMPLING - SOLID SUBSTANCES AND BULK GOODS Do you want to know what's on your plate? So do your customers! Food scandals show us almost daily that food sampling is not considered sufficiently in many enterprises, particularly when inspecting incoming goods. Samples must be taken regularly, because products can only be as good as the raw materials they are made of. You can carry out very precise material analyses using the most modern techniques. However, if a mistake is made in sampling then even these modern techniques are useless because the initial sampling error is carried through all the steps of the analysis and incorrect results will be obtained. Thus is the conclusion: Take samples - but do it right! Zone samplers For all-layer samples through all the layers of the sample. close-it food & pharma close-it food & pharma reliably prevents products from leaking out after sampling. ► According to FDA guidelines Multi sampler With several closed chambers, for multi point sampling from several predetermined sampling depths. Uno sampler Made of stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404)/PTFE with a closed sample chamber for point sampling from a predetermined sampling depth. YoufiJD Zone samplers, 0 25 mm Model Material All-layer sampler AISI 316L All-layer sampler AISI 316L All-layer sampler AISI 316L Multi sampler AISI 316L Multi sampler AISI 316L Multi sampler AISI 316L Multi sampler AISI 316L/PTFE Multi sampler AISI 316L/PTFE Multi sampler AISI 316L/PTFE Total length cm Insertion depth No. of close-it food & pharma, printed W x H mm Colour Pieces per Item no. roll 95 x 95 red 500 5303-2017 N4 close-it food & pharma, unprinted close-ittape food & pharma, continuous roller Width mm Length m Item no.

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Food sampling - 2

Sampler for pourable bulk goods up to approx. 1 cm in diameter. Corresponds to ISTA standard for seed lengths of 10 mm (wheat, oats) and 5 mm (flax, vetches). ► Also for coarse-grained bulk goods ► Made of stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404) ► Special geometry of the tip The core sampler is particularly suitable in the event that bulk goods are taken directly from sacks or bags and have to be filled into the original sampling bottle directly. QuickPicker is delivered complete with two 250 ml PE sample bottles and with a cleaning brush. Corresponds to ISTA standard for seed lengths of 10 mm...

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Food sampling - 3

SiloDrill for sampling from silo vehicles If bulk goods are transported over long distances (in trucks, railway goods wagons), separation may occur. Taking the sample just from the surface therefore leads to the wrong result. Representative samples from all layers of the silo can be taken with the SiloDrill. Material Total length cm Spiral screw dia. mm Chamber dia. mm Volume ml Item no. ► Stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404) SiloPicker The SiloPicker is ideal for taking bulk goods samples from silos. Using the extension rods, samples can be taken from depths down to 3.5 m. The insertion...

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Food sampling - 4

Food scoop, blue Ergonomics were particularly important to us for the design of the sample scoop. The scoop stands horizontally due to the special handle design and the slightly angled front edge and can therefore be put down without the sample material trickling out. The food scoop is ideal for powders, granulates and pastes. ► PS, blue ► Individually packaged and sterilised ► Production and packaging according to clean room class 7 ► Can be used as part of HACCP/IFS/BRC foreign object management Measuring spoons, blue Volumetric and dosing spoons can be used to measure small amounts of...

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