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Highly Flammable Liquids, Industry & Environment Dipping Bottles in use Sampling liquid petrochemicals with Dipping Bottles Liquid petrochemicals are very versatile and are used in many different areas of industry. They are components of a huge range of products - ranging from fuels to deter-Dipping containers are used in gents and to plastics. Due to their chemical and specific various areas to collect liquids for properties, most of the petrochemicals and the petro- sampling. chemical derivatives are classified as hazardous under the Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Therefore, working with these liquids always represents a certain risk: They are highly flammable and can lead to explosions or fires. In addition, these chemicals are often toxic and can harm the users and the environment. A responsible handling and appropriate protective measures must always be observed when working with petrochemicals - from usage to transport to storage. Even sampling can be a risk: The user can come in contact with the hazardous medium by spilling or splashing. Besides, there is the danger of electrostatic charge during sampling. And in many cases, the samples have to be taken from great depths, because the chemicals are often stored in tanks or shafts.

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Sampling of hazardous liquids Dipping Bottles are a reliable solution for the safe sampling of liquid petrochemicals. Bürkle offers a large selection of Dipping Bottles that are specially designed to collect samples of hazardous liquids. Depending on Manually-operated reel Ex with grounding cable The lowering by a manually-operated reel allows flexible applications and a safe handling. The closed construction of the Dipping Bottles prevents spillage or splashing of the hazardous liquid – this protects the user and the environment. the version, the different Dipping Bottles can be used for...

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