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Pumps | Sampling | Plastic Labware for Laboratory, Industry, Science Detectable disposable samplers Detectable by colour scanner, metal detector or X-rays ► Especially for the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries ► Can be used as part of HACCP/IFS/ BRC foreign object management ► Individually packaged and sterilised by gamma rays ► Production, assembly and packaging according to clean room class 7 ► Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations Detectable disposable samplers These scoops, spatulas, spoons and scrapers are not only coloured blue but also have a special additive in the material that makes them visible to metal detectors or X rays. These products can therefore be rejected with standard systems for checking for foreign objects, even though they are made of plastic. ► PS detectable, blue

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Detectable disposable samplers ounce Detectable scoops, blue Detectable scoops are ideal for powders, granulates and pastes. Ergonomics were particularly important to us for the design of the sample scoop. The scoop stands horizontally due to the special handle design and the slightly angled front edge and can therefore be put down without the sample material trickling out. Detectable scoop, long handle, blue The sampling scoop can be used to take samples of powders, granulates and pastes. The long handle makes it possible to sample larger containers even with little content or to reach...

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Detectable disposable samplers ounce Detectable spoon, long handle, blue The long handle makes it easy to reach the bottoms of larger containers as well and allows for sampling of drums, jerrycans and bottles with small opening diameters. Detectable spoon curved, long handle blue The long handle of the plastic spoon makes it possible to empty residue from large containers easily and can also reach into places that are hard to reach such as jerrycans with narrow necks. Total length mm Capacity ml Pieces per pack Item no. Ladle, long handle, detectable The ladle is suitable for taking samples...

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Detectable disposable samplers Detectable forceps The disposable forceps are suitable for precise lab work and are ideal for grasping, lifting and moving small objects, for example fine tissue, small items or solid samples.  Overall length 130 mm Shape pointed/angled pointed broad tip Detectable scraper, blue Sturdy and convenient scraper for disposable use. The detectable scraper is suitable for scraping off, smoothing or cleaning as well as removing residue. Palette knife spatula, detectable, blue The sampling palette knife spatula can be used to apply, distribute or evenly spread...

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