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Pumpen | Probenehmer | Laborbedarf fur Labor, Industrie und Wissenschaft Pumps | Sampling | Plastic Labware for Laboratory, Industry, Science Essential accessories for sampling After taking samples from sacks or big bags by piercing the packaging material, the punctures have to be sealed again. For this purpose, the strongly adhesive close-it control seals are perfectly suitable. Simultaneously, the seals can be used to mark and label the sampled container or bag. Equally important is the clear labelling and sealing of the taken samples. This is the only way to prove unambiguously that the reference or retained sample is identical to the original sample. Safety labels serve in addition as originality seals and protect the samples from manipulations. Thus, the diverse Burkle control-seals and labels ensure a safe sampling procedure from the beginning to the end. Taking samples from sacks, boxes, bags, etc. with sampling lances is a common and time-proven practice. This produces holes through which easily flowing bulk goods could escape from the container. With the close-it seal, this can be prevented in an uncomplicated manner. The label has a sandwich-type structure (aluminium/ paper) and seals the container hermetically (vapour barrier). This virtually prevents hygroscopic powders from clumping together. The label is not just used to provide a hermetic seal. It is also used for providing quality control information. close-it can be written on with ball-point pen, pencil or felt-tip marker. The rear of the label is coated with a powerful adhesive. This means that close-it sticks firmly to most commercial containers, even to surfaces coated with fine powder, slightly moist or even frozen surfaces where conventional labels or adhesive tape will not stick. ► The labels are supplied in handy rolls ► The cross perforations allow each label to be separated from the roll individually ► close-it - standard size 95 x 95 mm ► close-it Maxi - 150 x 150 mm, for larger holes or longer tears in containers Control seal close-it Pieces per roll Item no.

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In response to numerous requests from our customers, we have developed close-it food & pharma, a control seal with an adhesive approved for use with foodstuffs. The strength of the adhesive is almost as powerful as that of the original, the close-it from Burkle, proven millions of times. close-it food & pharma also reliably prevents products from leaking out after sampling. The adhesive complies with the European guidelines for foodstuffs. Just like the original, close-it food & pharma has a barrier layer of aluminium foil. This means that close-it food & pharma is suitable for sampling...

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TOPSELLERS close-it | with individual customer-specific special printing Your individual close-it We would be happy to help you design your own close-it. Do you need final artwork for your draft? Or would you like to use our complete graphics service from draft stage through the print process? Our advertising department would be happy to consider any challenge: | +49 (0) 76 35 8 27 95-0 Your idea Shape and colour Round, square, rectangular or other shape? Unusual contours can also be implemented! We would be pleased to provide you with a quote. Of course print is available...

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Tamper proof labels safe-it The safety label safe-it is used as originality seal and as protection from manipulations of e.g. samples, retention samples, for transporting samples, sealing containers with important or dangerous chemicals in the lab as well as sealing letters, shipments and much more. The initial opening of a package is made obvious and irrevocably visible with the seal guaranteeing originality, unauthorised opening can therefore be proven. If the safety label is removed, it divides into separate layers. A pattern that was previously hidden appears on the surface and is...

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