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BREYER SERVICES ing! al clean ee. ion Profess ty guarant ali The qu BREYER die and calender roll cleaning The professional and timely cleaning of the key components of your BREYER extrusion line ensures the high quality and economic efficiency of your production for the future. Therefore BREYER Services offers you cost-efficient and “clean” solutions. BREYER die cleaning – the key task. You can sustainably secure the quality of your production only with a professional and timely revision of your film or sheet die. BREYER Services The BREYER film or sheet die is a key element of your extrusion offers you a sustainable solution. line. In this die your high-quality film or sheet is formed with several very thin layers of plastic and their thicknesses defined. The overall quality of your film or sheet decisively depends on the quality of your die. Due to the constant load with high temperatures and the most n Repair of damages in the die body and lip area diversified materials and mechanical cleaning processes, there is always n Replacement of defective parts soiling or wear despite the highest production quality. n CNC-supported and manual fine polishing n New chrome-plating of the die n Final assembly and heat up of the die YOUR ADVANTAGES n Perfect and sustainable revision of your die n Sustainably high quality of your film and sheet n Production security

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BREYER SERVICES The BREYER calender rolls ensure the perfect surface of your film and sheet and excellent thickness tolerance. The efficient cooling of the plastic melt on the roll surface enables the high output of your extrusion line. Due to variations in cooling water qualities in combination with the appropriate cooling water temperatures, the soiling of the cooling water channels is possible from time to time despite the high production quality. This leads to a reduction of the cooling performance and thus a lower output of your extrusion line. Possible scratches in the roll surface...

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