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Light up your life. Bright ideas are our passion. K2007 Düsseldorf 24.–31. Oktober 2007

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BREYER BrightLine – a bright decision. Everybody wants light A solution that offers more and costs less Lighting alone consumes 19 % of all the electricity produced Systems that conserve energy are in demand. BREYER’s BrightLine worldwide. 85 % of this is consumed in the ofce, industry and inline imprinting method, which is unique in the world, sets entirely exterior lighting sectors, and 15 % is consumed in the private living new standards with regard to protability and energy efciency sector. The demand for energy will continue its steady growth in the because BrightLine enables the...

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Process advantages BREYER BrightLine for the extrusion of LGP Light Guide Panels TECHNICAL DATA Sheet thickness: 0,5 – 10 mm Sheet width: up to 1600 mm Output performance: 500 – 1000 kg/h Materials: PC, PMMA Versions: mono, co-extruded ■ Innovative and unique inline imprinting method ■ Fast production that protects the material ■ Time and cost consuming masking step, as in ofine processes, becomes redundant ■ Clearly reduced production costs

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A bright idea that serves us all. Light up your life. Better light for a better future An intelligent transparent surface structure that is imprinted on the panel makes it all possible. It assures optimum light distribution and thus maximum light yield. You get the same amount of light as before, but for a clearly reduced amount of energy. We all benet from BrightLine light panels, and so does the environment. A truly brilliant solution for better light. Quality – Made in Germany

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Bright ideas are our passion. Product benets ■ Innovative stru cture guarantees optimum light dist ribution and maximum light yie ld ■ Light-consumin g diffuser is unnecessary ■ Considerable en ergy savings with identical brig htness values

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Bohlinger Straße 27 D-78224 Singen Germany T +49 (0) 77 31 - 920-0 F +49 (0) 77 31 - 920-191 Don’t hesitate to contact us. Uwe Ziegler Division Manager sheetlines T +49 (0)7731 920 168 Joachim Steiert Sales Manager T +49 (0)7731 920 403 Peter Dietrich Sales Manager T +49 (0)7731 920 407 Stephanie Gray-Dreizler Sales Manager T +49 (0)7731 920 462 Josef Käppeler Sales Manager...

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