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Cargo & Bulk 2015

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Brevetti Stendalto in the world Customer Services Dynamic Cable Protection! Brevetti Stendalto’s global network is able to provide local expertise to our customer. Our technicians are able to assist from the very first idea through the designing phase to the commissioning. You can find our services in Italy (Headquarters), Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgio, Benelux, Canada, China, Czek Republic, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, India, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore,...

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revetti’s i-Rolling system is the evolution of the sliding chain concept. This technology was developed after years of data collection and analysis from real applications around the globe. The Brevetti engineers succeeded in further improving the well-known advantages of the Brevetti cable chain systems in port technologies with the innovative i-Block set. ✔ Heavy added load ✔ Long lifetime ✔ Easy installation ✔ Easy maintenance ✔ Designed for the harshest work ✔ Long travel distance ✔ Low push-pull force needed ✔ High speed ✔ High acceleration ✔ Smooth movement The inner mechanism makes...

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HEAVY DUTY hain designed for very heavy-duty applications such as STS and RMG Cranes, Stackers, Reclaimers. Smooth movement and low noise. Frames opening at inner and outer-radius sides. Strong double sideband and frame construction with large single pin. Screwed-on interchangeable sliding skids offer durability at high speed and heavy loads. SCREWED-ON PINS SCREWED-ON SLIDING SKIDS The best choice for very heavy-duty applications. ➊ The material of the sliding skids is special. A plastic compound specifically studied to be wear-resistant and low-friction. ✔ Screwed-on double-guided sliding...

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HEAVY DUTY hain designed for heavy-duty applications such as RTG and ASC Cranes. Smooth movement and low noise. Frames opening at inner and outer-radius sides. Strong double sideband and frame construction with large single pin. Screwed-on interchangeable sliding skids of the VU version offer durability at high speed and heavy loads. Built-in skids of the PI/PE version are also available. SCREWED-ON PINS The inner and outer pins are bolted to provide the strongest and most reliable connection for links, and easy maintenance at the same time. Stainless steel bolts. movable point BUILT-IN...

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ROTARY SYSTEM Brevetti Stendalto’s rotary systems are typically used for slewing motion on stacker-reclaimers and bulk loaders/unloaders. Various solutions have been developed to match every application need. Power and signal cables, industrial and hydraulic hoses, fibre-optics and BUS cables can be dynamically protected around the swivel point. Brevetti’s solutions can easily reach 600 degrees of rotation. Brevetti’s new Series H (H57, H80, H110) provides the most robust and versatile solution to heavy-duty rotary applications. GUIDE HOUSING VERSION WITH ROLLERS The use of rollers and...

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Brevetti Stendalto’s cables are extra-flexible, specifically designed for use with cable chains. All cables are IEC 60228 Class 6. Materials are tested and studied to last longer in operation inside chains. Medium voltage 3,6/6 kV and 6/10 kV cables are included in the product range. Brevetti Stendalto also offers finished cables equipped with connectors, from the most common standards to customised solutions, delivered in the shortest time at the most cost-effective conditions. A large selection of industrial and hydraulic hoses, also equipped with fittings, complete the range • High...

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Alignment between the chain and the machine is crucial for a good performance. Anti-misalignment devices have been developed for this reason. Brevetti Stendalto’s design integrates the chain movable point, the cable clamps and the antimislignment device in a single unit. revetti Stendalto experience in this engineered field made us to improve the delivered service to the customer. Project management We team up with our customers along the entire project at various level, from consultancy to on-site intervention, and from installation to commissioning supervision. Turnkey package and...

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