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CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS Your local distributor Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A. Viale G.B. Stucchi 66/8 20900 Monza (MB) Italy Tel. +39 039 204901 Fax +39 039 834250 Internet: E-mail: CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS CABLE CHAINS

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Summary Company Profile Technical Information Nylon Cable Chains Steel Cable Chains Steel Cable Conduit Cable Chain Cables Enquiry and Order Form Overview of Products Range

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 3

Brevetti Stendalto Brevetti Stendalto is the name of the Company founded almost 40 years ago when a highly dynamic new demand, emerging from the boost of automation concepts, was spreading over the most developed industrialized countries. At that time, Mr.Giovanni Mauri (President and founder of Brevetti Stendalto) designed and started proposing nylon cable chains to be applied where steel cable chains were too heavy and expensive to fulfil customers’ needs. Looking beyond, he got off more than a new line of products, he gave the original profile to the Company: a successful collection of...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 4

Glancing at short-term future, Brevetti is working on three main directions: development of customized chains for special projects, support to buyers and designers to make their choices more efficient through a real problem-solving approach, and extension of our range of standard products, The latter, in particular, is necessary to meet the newest market requirements for higher performances with acceptable costs. Brevetti’s greater and greater experience in all industrial sectors makes it easier. We in Brevetti believe that some special applications, such as offshore platforms and harbour...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 5

Versatile Automation Each aspect of production, whether it be the preparation of moulds and their subsequent shaping or component manufacture and assembly, is monitored closely. The Company endeavours to adopt the most up-to-date technology available. Considerable resources are invested into this, ensuring the highest standard of products on the market. Production moulds are manufactured using modern CNC machine-tools. Mould of Light series cable chain. Brevetti Stendalto manufacturing process (internal moulding department and complete automated assembly lines) ensures quality and short...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 6

In Brevetti Stendalto the quality is a result of our activities. To be a success and reference company Brevetti Stendalto strives for: • full satisfaction of our customers ever increasing requests, • continuing improvement of our company capacities, • valorization and improvement of our human recourses, • involvement of all our staff in striving for quality assurance, • careful selection of suppliers and involvement of these in our quality process, • standardization of production, to assure competitive products, • innovative products to meet the markets ever increasing requests, • fast...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 7

Past experience acquired in the marketing of machine tools has prompted Brevetti Stendalto to diversify its proposals. Today, thanks to products from Brevetti Stendalto, present day problems in cable and tubing protection are solved in the best possible way. Welding robot equipped with nylon chains. Our products can be found in many applications, especially in the field of automated production, for example in industrial robots and machinery for crafting metal, wood and stone. 318 for long travel distance on a crane application. Machine tools equipped with Heavy series cable chains. Circular...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 8

Brevetti Stendalto products are used in many, very different, fields of application. We have experience ranging from packaging & automated handling, storage and transportation to providing solutions used in all fields of engineering like mining, offshore drilling, building, in steel works, ports and terminals. We are always close to our Clients. Our distribution network, consisting of manufacturing plants, sales companies and warehouses, is spread across the entire world. 35 steel chains with supporting frame applied to De Icing’s equipment at München airport (Germany). 310 plastic chains...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 9

Always Available Each Client is important to Brevetti Stendalto regardless of the needs and the size of his request. Brevetti Stendalto offers professional support for assessing the Client’s needs, consultation inherent to the choice of products, design of new products, design of a new product and visiting client installations. Technical Office Competence and availability are the key words in technical assistance. All technical needs and installation characteristic requests are carefully evaluated and verified with the support of informatics and CAD-3D projection that will solve the...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 10

To offer a rapid and always updated commercial and technical information, Brevetti Stendalto has introduced a new web-site in which all necessary info is available for fast chain selection and easy downloads of chain For direct technical support, please contact our which will assist you with specific technical questions, customized chain solution, Brevetti Stendalto is always close to customers, ensuring assistance from project installation and after sales

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 12

Technical Information Necessary data to determine the type of cable chain page 12 Placement of cables/hoses in the cable chain page 13 Mounting Variations Chains placed horizontally page 14 Chains placed vertically page 16 Chains with circular motion page 17 Going Further Self-supporting capacity page 18 Determining the length of the chain page 19 Vertical applications page 20 Horizontal applications (side-mounted) page 21 Long horizontal travel distances page 22 Guide channels for sliding chains page 24 How to install the cable chains in the guide channel page 25 Rotating horizontally page...

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Cable Chain - Catalogue 2015.02 - 13

Necessary Data to Determine the Type of Cable Chain The choice of cable chain should not only be based on a mathematical calculation of certain factors but should consider and analyse carefully all the available data. The following information will be provide a basic help in making the right decision. Thanks to thirty years of experience in this sector we have a highly competent technical staff which is at your disposal to help solve any problem relating to the use of cables in any kind of application. To request a personalised project please fill out the form found on page 249. It will be...

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