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Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning Technology Advanced Solutions Offering Choice, Quality and Service

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BRANSON: the Worldwide Standard for Quality, Innovation, and Service For more than 60 years, Branson has been a leader in ultrasonic precision cleaning systems. Starting with our benchtop baths that clean small, delicate components and instruments, to large industrial and automated systems, our range of precision cleaning equipment is second to none. With the demands and expectations that the medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics, optics and semiconductor markets require, and where extreme accuracy and cleanliness is a must, Branson leads the way in providing “no-compromise” precision...

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Precision Cleaning at Its World-Class Best Branson’s experience and knowledge of ultrasonic precision cleaning exceeds all others. We provide not only precision cleaning equipment, but also invaluable resources to ensure that our products deliver the intended results. Branson’s Precision Cleaning laboratory is well-equipped to provide you with precise and accurate cleanliness measurement, utilizing methods such as gas chromatography to characterize organic residues and gravimetric analysis to help you determine if your parts are clean. Applying our technology and experience, we can...

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The Industry’s Most Complete Line of Precision Cleaning Equipment Our commitment to precision cleaning means providing not only world-class quality and reliability, but also a range of products capable of meeting the widest possible variety of needs. Aqueous Cleaning Systems From our sophisticated Benchmark Series to the compact Omni Series, Branson aqueous cleaning systems are designed to meet the most demanding production requirements. Pre-configured or modular, Branson aqueous cleaning systems are typically used for particulate removal, Spin Welding oil removal, defluxing, and many other...

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Solvent Cleaning Systems Infrared Welding These exceptionally cost-effective systems incorporate cleaning, rinsing, drying, and Model B950R shown with optional rotating basket solvent reclamation in a single compact unit. Branson vapor degreasing equipment is designed to operate with a wide variety of commercially available solvents. Our product line consists of the B-Series Ultrasonic Vapor Degreasers and Solvent Recovery Stills. Solvent cleaning offers the following benefits: • No process chemistry to mix A • utomatic solvent reclamation – minimized waste stream • Fewer process variables...

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Complete Line of Precision Cleaning Equipment (cont’d) Ultrasonic Components Ultrasonic Tanks The cornerstone of any ultrasonic system, Branson makes standard stainless steel ultrasonic tanks ranging from 5 to 100 gallons, and custom tanks in nearly any size. A number of options are available, including filter/recirculation packages and parts baskets. Generators Available in 3 model types and 5 frequencies (25, 40, 80, 120 and 170 kHz) offering a variety of features to match your cleaning needs. Immersible Transducers Branson 316L stainless steel immersible transducers provide versatile...

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Markets and Applications Branson ultrasonic cleaning equipment has proven to be reliable and effective in dozens of applications in a variety of markets. From industrial parts to precision medical devices to laboratory processes, the variety of models available, standard or custom, offers the reliable quality and optional features to suit virtually any precision-cleaning need. Customer Support As Advanced As Our Technologies Branson understands the importance of supporting you after your precision cleaning systems are in place. Our global network of offices and facilities will provide your...

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Global Technologies. Local Solutions. Branson’s unmatched global changes, product quality/life cycles supply and distribution, information resources ensure optimal solutions and production costs, to employee and networking, climate and environ- for the most challenging ultrasonic safety and environmental compli- ment, manufacturing efficiency, and precision cleaning and materials ance. And, Branson’s commitment product performance. Emerson is joining applications. With 1600+ to the publicly funded industrial dedicated to the pursuit of break- employees in over 70 sites world- collective...

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