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Joining Technologies for Plastics The perfect solution for every application

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Branson: The World’s Major Resource for Plastics Joining Technologies. Branson is everywhere you need us to be for plastics joining. With technical facilities and sales/support offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, our global perspective and local presence set us apart from the competition. We offer more plastics joining technologies than anyone and can provide the process best suited for each application. Our unsurpassed industry experience helps you get to market quickly, with quality products manufactured with the highest efficiencies. Manufacture in a single location? Design...

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The Widest Range of Plastics Joining Solutions Branson offers several joining advanced plastics joining equipment, technologies without favoring one offer to meet a wide variety of technique over another. In each right choice. plastics joining applications. automated systems, our equipment Ultrasonic welding is well suited for stud weld, degate, or spot weld can be readily customized to fit exact assembling parts with delicate thermoplastics, and slit or laminate specifications of welded parts. internal electronic components thermoplastic films and fabrics. application, we review all...

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Vibration Welding Vibration welding creates high-strength, leakproof hermetic seals with most thermoplastics and is useful for assembling irregularly shaped parts. The solid weld flash makes this technique attractive for industrial parts assembly. It is economical and fast for high-volume production, and flexible for multiple tool changeouts in the same machine. The process creates friction/heat at the joint interface of the parts to be mated, until the right molten state is reached. The plastic then solidifies under clamping pressure and forms a permanent bond. In addition to linear...

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Infrared Welding Infrared welding, a non-contact assembly method, uses localized radiant heat from contour-adopted, broadband metal foil emitters to melt the mating surfaces of the parts to be assembled. This permits greater freedom in designing parts such as complex curved joints and internal walls. The technique produces strong, airtight welds with a solid, homogeneous bead and very good flash quality. Compatible with most thermoplastics, infrared welding is particularly appropriate for higher-temperatures processing, and is effective on semi-crystalline resins such as polyethylene and...

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Markets and Applications Branson’s plastics joining technologies meet the specialized requirements of a range of applications in a variety of business sectors, delivering product integrity, superior part performance, excellent value and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Branson offers customers an eco-friendly outcome – energy efficient, free from consumables, and recyclable, without chemical adhesives and solvents. Instrument panels, fuel management Surgical tools, diagnostic cassettes, Electronic modules, devices components, filter assemblies, lamps, fluidic devices, cardiometry...

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packages, stand-up pouches, juice/ Quilted and laminated fabrics, cleaner subassemblies, front panels, milk cartons and spouts, pantyhose bedspreads, mattress pads, climate dishwasher spray arms, water flow packages, plastic coated paper cups, mats, diapers/nappies, hook-and-loop systems, dryer cabinets, ventilation flexible plastic and laminate tubes, materials, filters and filter bags, belts, systems, refrigerator components. yogurt cups, coffee capsules, flexible sanitary pads, blinds, films, tarpaulins, pouches, plastic containers, valle/ curtains, labels. Condiment dispensers, blister...

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Global Technologies. Local Solutions. Branson’s unmatched global market changes, product to resolve global issues, including resources ensure optimal solutions quality/life cycles and production energy supply and distribution, for the most challenging materials costs, to employee safety and joining and precision cleaning publicly funded industrial product performance. Emerson collective research initiative and cooperation with various breakthrough technology research centers have produced developments never before With 1600+ employees in over 70 sites worldwide, we can rapidly respond to...

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