General Benchtop Cleaning Brochure - 6 Pages

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General Benchtop Cleaning Brochure

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Bransonic® Baths The simple, reliable solution to quality precision cleaning

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BRANSON: A Recognized Leader in Ultrasonics Worldwide For over 60 years, Branson has been the leader in the development of advanced ultrasonics and its application to a variety of uses. Branson is recognized worldwide as an innovator, pioneering the use of the rugged, reliable 40 kHz transducers in sweep frequency baths. Bransonic® baths are used widely in laboratory, light industrial, dental, medical, and specialty applications: Laboratory/medical/special utilities: Cleaning of instruments or special parts, metal components, Industrial/basic cleaning: Removing soils, contaminants, oils,...

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Bransonic® Ultrasonic Baths Branson’s innovations include our signature elevated control panel, positioned above and behind the bath to avoid damage and increase operator safety. With our unique sweep frequency technology to eliminate standing waves, and our pioneering 40 kHz industrial transducers, Bransonic ultrasonic baths have been the industry standard for quality, reliability, and precision cleaning. The CPX Series Advanced technology and digital performance in our most robust, versatile, ultrasonics baths. The CPX Series features a variety of technological enhancements: Subhead white...

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The CPX Series Features Degassing periods of up to 99 minutes also allow for various sample prep applications. CPX Series is completely programmable, so engineers can choose temperature, start, and stop times for “set-it-andforget-it” operation. Digital timer allows for continuous ultrasonic operation or can be set for up to 99 minutes. Ultrasonic power tracking maintains steady, consistent activity in the bath when conditions change. Temperature can be set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius up to 69°C/156.2°F. High/low power control provides safer cleaning of delicate components. 100% power...

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Precision Cleaning for All Types of Applications Bransonic baths are in use worldwide, providing simple, effective results for the ultimate in ultrasonic cleaning. Laboratory Thoroughly removes blood, protein, and contaminants on Thoroughly cleans and restores brilliance to watches, tools such as glassware, lenses, instruments, and precision chains and charms, settings, coins, fine jewelry, and Medical and Dental Labs Offers a safer, more consistent way to clean dental and Ensures precision cleaning of optics. medical instruments in combination with sterilization. Industry Deep cleans to...

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Feature M Series MH Series CPX Series CPXH Series Mechanical Mechanical Digital Digital Tank Capacity • ... Continuous Mode • ... Sweep Frequency 40 kHz Transducer • ... Dual Power • • Power Tracking • • Degas Wave Modulation • • Auto Ultrasonics Activation • High-temp Alarm • • Front Panel Auto Temp Calibration • Process Parameters Saved • • Branson Ultrasonics Corp. Branson Ultrasonics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 758 Rong Le Dong Road Song Jiang, Shanghai, PRC, 201613

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