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Introduction Bourns, Inc. has supplied components used in the design and assembly of professional audio equipment for many decades. With a commitment to excellence and technology, Bourns has established a reputation in the professional audio industry for bringing quality, reliability and value to an established customer base that includes some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of audio equipment. Bourns supplies components such as panel controls, slide potentiometers and rotary encoders used in the manufacture of audio and broadcast mixing consoles, video editing...

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Complete data sheets for all models are available at Check out the numerous board level component solutions offered by Bourns, Inc. at

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Audio & Broadcast Mixing Consoles PSM PTL PTS World-renowned mixing console manufacturers use Bourns® optical encoders and panel controls. For digital mixing consoles, optical encoders such as Bourns® Models EN and EM14 are ideal high-reliability, long-life solutions that can bring years of service to recording engineers and producers alike. For analog mixing consoles, panel controls such as Bourns® Models 51, 81 and 91 provide long-life and low noise, in part due to the superior characteristics of the conductive polymer resistive element design. These controls are typically used for...

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Sound Recording and Video Editing Equipment The newest generation of sound recording equipment and video editing stations are digital. These units have a jog-shuttle control that enables the engineer to search through a song or video to a specific point for sound overdubs or for editing purposes. The components used for jogshuttle controls must have a long rotational life and be able to withstand the strain of constant adjustment. Models EN and EM14 are the perfect choice for this application. These components are designed to provide years of reliable service to sound and video engineers....

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Electric Guitars and Effect Pedals Electric Guitars 95 Premium 95 Long Bushing 82 Vintage Bourns offers “guitar pots.” For the standard drop-in replacement, Bourns offers the PDB241GTR and long-life PDA24 with knurled or solid shaft. These models are available in an audio or linear taper, and in a variety of resistance values. Recently added are the new “mini” guitar pots; Model PDB181-GTR and PDB183-GTR with a push-pull switch. A dual potentiometer for blendbalance control is also available in Model PDB182. In response to market demand, Bourns has re-released the Model 82 Vintage Guitar...

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Instrument Amplifiers 96 PEC11 There are a variety of products in the Bourns Pro Audio portfolio for use in guitar and keyboard amplifiers. Models 96, 53 and PDA241 are all available in the most popular resistances and tapers. These products are designed with the high performance specifications required for use in this application. These models are suitable for use as volume or tone controls. Other popular models include the Model PDB183 potentiometer with push-pull switch and the PDB181 mini-potentiometer. For digital guitar amplifiers, popular models include the EM14 Optical Encoder and...

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Pro Audio - 8

Keyboards, Digital Drums and Sound Processors Keyboards and Digital Drums Analog keyboards and synthesizers with hundreds of manual controls are a thing of the past. Bourns offers optical and contacting encoders suitable for use in the new generation of digital keyboards, keyboard controllers and digital drum controllers. Models PES12, PEC11, and ECW are typical discrete components used in keyboards and digital drums. Some keyboard manufacturers may still use low cost panel controls such as Models PDB18, PTV111 and PTV09. PES12 PTV09 ECW PEC11 Sound Processors Industry leaders in the design...

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Circuit Protection in Pro Audio Professional audio equipment continues to evolve with designs that incorporate smart features and interconnectivity to computers and other equipment. Power, communication and data ports are found in virtually all state-of-theart audio equipment designs including audio, video and broadcast mixing consoles, digital recording equipment, instrument amplifiers, and sound processors. By incorporating these ports, the internal hardware is much more susceptible to faults from short circuits, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and power surges. Bourns® offers a wide...

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Board Level Resistive Components in Pro Audio Trimming Potentiometers Trimming potentiometers are used in adjustment of power supply circuits in all types of professional audio equipment including power amplifiers, powered mixing consoles, sound processors and other peripheral outboard equipment. Bourns offers a wide variety of standard trimming potentiometers suitable for use in these applications including multiturn through-hole models (3296 and 3006) and surface mount models (3224 and 3223). These models offer stability under extreme thermal excursion encountered by amplifiers and...

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Pro Audio - 11

Power Resistors Power resistors are used as balance resistors and current limiters in voltage regulator/power conditioners, power amplifiers, guitar amplifiers and powered mixing consoles. Bourns offers a wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf power resistors suitable for these applications. Models including PWR220T, PWR221T, PWR263S, and PWR163S feature low inductance, high pulse capability and a copper or ceramic backplane. The PWR Series Power Resistors are high performance products offered in surface mount and through-hole versions. Check out the numerous board level component...

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Worldwide Sales Offices Fax +1-951-781-5006 +55 11 5505 4370 +86 21 64821249 +41 (0)41 768 5510 +81 49 269 3297 +65 6348 1272 +886 2 25624116 +886 2 25624116 Technical Assistance Region Phone Asia-Pacific: +886 2 25624117 Europe, Middle East, Africa: +41 (0)41 768 5555 Americas: +1-951-781-5500 Fax +886 2 25624116 +41 (0)41 768 5510 +1-951-781-5700 Bourns® products are available through an extensive network of manufacturer’s representatives, agents and distributors. To obtain technical applications assistance, a quotation, or to place an order, contact a Bourns representative in your area....

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