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■ Non-contacting HE and/or MR technology ■ Actuated boot door position sensor ■ Connector for ying lead solution ■ Actuated rear door position sensor ■ Actuated side door position sensor ■ Pedal box position sensor ■ Absolute or incremental solution ■ Seat position sensor Hollow Shaft Position Feedback Sensor General Function The Bourns® Hollow Shaft Position Feedback Sensor is a robust, reliable, and highly accurate non-contacting position sensor. This sensor offers an extremely low prole and the ability to mount on a shaft. The sensor can be used on any spindle gear or shaft drive mechanism for applications such as actuated door closure systems. The sensor’s output can be congured to provide an absolute or incremental output. It is capable of resolving 360 degrees of motion with high accuracy and 12 bit resolution in a small, robust package. The incremental sensor version does not require a gear drive to establish position. Please note that this document refers to general product specications which are subject to change. Typical Specications Specication Measurement Range absolute (turns) incremental Non-Linearity * Vout/Vdd [%] Diagnostic Band (High) depends on gear drive/ratio no. of pulses <12, depending on shaft diameter t.b.d. * absolute incremental Hysteresis Angular Resolution absolute incremental Angular Velocity absolute incremental Delay after Start-up Temperature Range Input Voltage Nominal Voltage Nominal Current Signal Range absolute Absolute Output Signal Incremental Output Signals * achievable value depends on gear drive ** depends on programmable diagnostic ranges ***others available upon customer request Europe: Bourns Sensors GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. 14 D-82054 Sauerlach Phone: +49 (0) 8104 646-0 The Americas: Bourns, Inc. 1660 N. Opdyke Road, Ste. 200 Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2655 USA Phone: +1 248 926-4088 www.bourns.com automotive@bourns.com 07/11 Specications are subject to change without notice. Customers should verify actual device performance in their specic applications. Asia: Bourns, Inc. 10F, No. 146, Sung Jiang Road Taipei, Taiwan, 104 PRC Phone: +886 2 2562-4117

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