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Bourns® Model EMS22 Non-Contacting Magnetic Encoder Sensors & Controls Product Brochure

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Bourns® Model EMS22 Product Description Bourns® Model EMS22 is a non-contacting rotary The EMS22 non-contacting encoder is ideal for magnetic encoder with a Hall Effect application- use in harsh environments where extreme levels of specific standard product (ASSP) capable of temperature, moisture and particles are present. The producing four distinct output waveforms. These outstanding performance of this device is attributed waveforms include 2-bit quadrature up to 256 PPR*, to the non-contacting technology and superior Step/Direction up to 512 PPR, Pulse-Width performance of the...

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EMS22 Output Waveforms Quadrature: This output waveform is the Absolute: Absolute output refers to the absolute most common among all contacting and non- angular position. This type of output is especially contacting encoders. Quadrature, also known as useful for applications where the absolute position 2-bit quadrature or incremental, is often used to of a device, such as a camera, is necessary to locate determine magnitude (count) and direction (up/ an object. Also with 1024 distinct angular positions, down) by an external interface circuit. EMS22 the EMS22 offers very high resolution...

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How the EMS22 Rotary Magnetic Encoder Works The EMS22 produces a sinusoidal signal by rotation of the magnet in close proximity to the ASSP, based on the Hall Effect phenomenon. The sinusoidal signal is then converted to the desired output waveform by the ASSP that is preprogrammed at the factory to produce one of the output signals below: • Quadrature • Direction/Step • PWM • Absolute Figure 3 below shows the steps involved in generating an output signal. Rotation of the magnet over the ASSP produces the sinusoidal signal Desired output signal is generated via ASSP Shaft is rotated via MMI...

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Why Use an EMS22 Magnetic Encoder? The EMS22 can offer enhanced reliability in harsh the EMS22 can have more than 50 times the life environmental conditions such as mud, dust, grease, expectancy of traditional contacting encoders. oil, water and dirt, giving this product an edge in performance over traditional optical and contacting The designer and end user can expect cycle encoders. Figure 4 illustrates examples of harsh life performance without degradation of signal environments. accuracy, a clear advantage over encoders that use optical or contacting technology. In addition, there are...

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EMS22 Features and Benefits Design engineers with constraints such as cost, space, Another great capability of this product is the chip-select circuit complexity and resolution will appreciate the option. This option allows the interrogation of each encoder unique features and benefits of the Model EMS22. individually by the microprocessor. Unlike daisy-chain, this feature takes less time to execute, ultimately enhancing the EMS22 non-contacting rotary magnetic encoders can be speed of the control loop response. interconnected in a daisy-chain configuration for a serial read-out option....

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Applications Typical applications of the Bourns® EMS22 Rotary Magnetic Encoder with Hall Effect sensors include but are not limited to: • Audio mixer and broadcasting equipment • Office equipment: printers, scanners, copiers • Brushless DC motors • Power seating position indicators • Car audio • Power tools • Car navigation • Pressing and punching machines • Cursor position sensing in oscilloscopes • Replacement of optical encoders • Food processing and packaging • Replacement of potentiometers • Forklifts and material handling equipment • Robotics • Gas pedal position sensing • Servomotor...

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Worldwide Sales Offices Non-Listed European Technical Assistance Bourns8 products are available through an extensive global network of representatives and distributors. To obtain technical applications assistance, a quotation, or to place an order, contact a Bourns representative in your area. Specifications subject to change without notice. Actual performance in specific customer applications may differ due to the influence of othervariables. Customers should verify actual device performance in their specific applications. "austriamicrosystems" is a registered trademark of...

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