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Bourns Sensors & Controls ® Model EM14 Brochure Sensors & Controls

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Bourns® Model EM14 Product Description Bourns® Model EM14 is a self-contained EM14 optical encoders offer a useful rotary optical encoder. It produces a 2-bit rotational life of 1 million cycles (100,000 incremental quadrature signal, which is suitable cycles with detent), making them ideal for for digital systems where both magnitude and extended service applications. The 14 mm direction of adjustment must be provided. The square package is compact and well suited EM14 14 mm optical encoder is ideal for use as for applications where the available space is a digital panel control in...

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How Optical Encoders Work Optical encoders utilize a light source, I/C HCMOS, CMOS and TTL systems. Up to 64 receiver or ASIC, and a code disk to generate quadrature output cycles per shaft revolution the digital signal as shown in Figure 1. Light are available in this compact 14 mm package. passing through slots in the code disk is detected by the ASIC and translated into a The electrical block diagram in Figure 3 digital pulse output signal. Since an optical provides the designer with a functional encoder does not have a mechanical contacting overview of the EM14. This design has a very...

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Typical Interface Circuits Optical encoders can be used to create an in Figure 4a and 4b, a system’s counter can be absolute output that is the digital equivalent to incremented “up” or “down” depending on the the output from a potentiometer. However, direction of the encoder’s shaft rotation. With absolute optical encoders with moderate-to- the capacity to control direction of adjustment high resolutions are generally cost prohibitive. as well as magnitude, the incremental encoder As a result, most encoders are of the can be used in almost any control or position incremental variety....

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Applications The Bourns® EM14 Optical Encoder may be used as a manual input device for digitally controlled equipment such as: • Medical Instrumentation* · Sonogram controls · X-ray controls · Ultrasound • Professional Audio · Patient monitoring · Studio mixing consoles · Motorized bed controls · Broadcast consoles · Motorized dental chair controls · Signal processing equipment · Guitar amplifiers · Keyboard controllers · Digital drums • Industrial Equipment · Motor speed controls · Equipment positioning controls · Automated processing controls • Test and Measurement · Industrial joystick...

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EM14 vs EN Series Encoder Bourns® EN Series Bourns® EM14 • Up to 64 PPR • Up to 256 PPR • Switch Option • Switch Not Available • Detent Option • Detent Not Available • 14 mm Square Package • 16 mm x 22 mm Package • Metal Shaft Standard • Metal Shaft Standard • Metal Bushing Standard • Metal Bushing Standard • Ball Bearings Not Available • Ball Bearing Option • HMI* Only • HMI or MMI** • Low Cost • High Cost *HMI: Human-to-machine interface **MMI: Machine-to-machine interface Features Benefits • 2 channel quadrature output • Provides clean digital signal • Custom ASIC design • No debounce...

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Modification Capabilities and Value Added Solutions The EM14 Rotary Optical Encoder can be customized to suit your customer’s application and design needs. Capabilities to develop custom solutions and modifications include: • Bushing - Special lengths and thread pitch • Cable/Connector - Custom cable harness of can be accommodated. specified length and end connector can be • Shaft - Special lengths, flats, slots or plain provided. shaft can be provided. Custom holes, notches, • Hardware - Additional hardware or custom size or grooves can also be accommodated. hardware is available on...

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Worldwide Sales Offices Non-Listed European Technical Assistance North America: Bourns* products are available through an extensive network of manufacturer's representatives, agents and distributors. To obtain technical applications assistance, a quotation, or to place an order, contact a Bourns representative in your area. Specifications subject to change without notice. Actual performance in specific customer applications may differ due to the influence of other variables. Customers should verify actual device performance in their specific applications. "Bourns" is a registered trademark...

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