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Bourns Chip Guard ® ® ESD Protection Short Form Catalog Circuit Protection Solutions

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Chip Guard® ESD Clamp Protection Bourns® family of Chip Guard® electrostatic discharge (ESD) protectors is based on a Multilayer zinc oxide Varistor (MLV) technology. The MLV technology provides excellent electrical performance with a competitive solution for many ESD requirements. The Chip Guard® family is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from the threat of ESD to IEC61000-4-2 to level 4 in the ultra-small 0402 and 0603 type packages. is less critical. The MLE series has been designed to provide a tolerance on the capacitance of the ESD protector to allow engineers to...

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Product Selection Guide The family of Chip Guard® electrostatic discharge (ESD) protectors are currently limited to a small range of voltage options. However, the MLV process allows a wider range to be manufactured. Should a voltage that is not highlighted in the current selection be required, please inquire with your local representative as the family will be expanding in the future.

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Chip Guard® Family Selection MLC Series • 5 V plus DC voltages • ESD data sheet characterized • 0.5 pF max. for 12 V option • Ultra-low leakage current TSP? (Thyristor Surge Protection) No Yes START Yes ESD Protection Request? (IEC61000-4-2) Yes No Is Surge Required? (8/20 µs) Yes No MLE Series • 8/20 µs + ESD specified • 18 V max. DC operation • Leakage current characterized • 50 pF max. for 18 V product Low Capacitance Requirement? MLA Series Yes Tolerance Capacitance Requirement? No • 5.5 V plus DC voltages • 8/20 µs specified • 140 pF typical for 18 V product How To Order CG 0402 MLA -...

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ESD and Chip Guard® Technology Electrostatic Discharge occurs when a charge is exchanged between two objects of unequal charge potential. ESD, most often between people and metal objects is a result of a build-up of electrons that behave as a capacitor when dielectric isolation is available. Man-made materials such as the sole of a shoe achieve dielectric isolation, while a person walking on carpet creates kinetic energy. The International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) developed a human model ESD event that allows designers to take adequate protection in their electrostatic...

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Worldwide Sales Offices Non-Listed European Technical Assistance Bourns® products are available through an extensive network of manufacturer's representatives, agents and distributors. To obtain technical applications assistances guotation,orto place an order, contact a Bourns representative in your area. Circuit Protection Solutions "Bourn CMultifuse" and "Chip Guard" are registered trademarks of Bourns, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. COPYRIGHT© 2003, BOURNS,INC. * LITHO IN U.S.A. * SP 07/03 * 25M/CG0305

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